Shopify Plus is an award-winning ecommerce platform offered by Guidance as an integral part of our website development services. The Shopify Plus value proposition gives you a multi-channel ecommerce platform that scales with automated workflows, a customizable storefront and checkout experiences. Shopify Plus is a hosted solution that manages servers of all its stores ensuring optimal performance through 24/7 monitoring and continual product upgrades that come with no interruption for users. All online business information, including products, customers, orders, and inventory is backed up in secure data centers every day. Shopify product updates are automatic with the latest features accessible immediately, and without any hassle.


If your company processes high volume online sales, you need an ecommerce cloud-based platform that you and your customers can trust. Enterprise ecommerce platforms demand a robust, scalable, and secure solution. Guidance can provide you a customized Shopify Plus website, with development that is tailored to your company’s core strengths, offerings, and branding. Talk to us about your company’s needs, goals, and pain points and our Shopify developers will respond with answers and the information you need in order to make informed decisions.

Shopify Plus Website Development by Guidance: a Winning Solution

Guidance has provided reliable and cutting edge website development for more than 25 years, and during that time our client base has steadily grown. We work with mid-market and enterprise level Shopify merchants and manufacturers, B2C and B2B, regional and national brands.


Shopify is an ecommerce solution on a multi-tenant platform that is highly distributed and robust enough that total sales processed are in the billions of dollars annually. Working with Shopify partners reduces companies' IT costs and eliminate the fees associated with bandwidth, transaction fees, and rack space that are associated with self-hosting ecommerce software.


Shopify Plus streamlines the process for companies to sell their products and services through all major social media networks and online marketplaces. With its multichannel capabilities, Shopify Plus can assist companies in boosting sales, increasing brand awareness, and increase increasing customer engagement.


Guidance provides mid-market and enterprise level merchants and manufacturers website development with an emphasis on ecommerce solutions, including Shopify Plus. After a consultation with one of our specialists, you should gain a clearer understanding of how our development expertise and a first class ecommerce solution may be the perfect combination for your company.


Navigate Positive Growth with Shopify Plus and Website Development by Guidance

At Guidance, we know that launching out-of-the-box ecommerce websites for mid-market and enterprise level clients is not a winning approach—we provide custom website development of Shopify Plus solutions. In this way, a company can maximize the power of Shopify Plus without the bloat of unnecessary parts and pieces. In addition, as your company grows and expands, Guidance will continue to live up to our name and we will be available to make the changes you need to keep your ecommerce site and online store relevant to your brand. We also offer 24/7/365 site support with our commerce platform.


Go Global

Shopify Plus allows companies to launch sales channels in any location across the globe. Guidance can provide website development for your company and create dedicated localized storefronts with multiple languages and various currencies. Shopify platform is flexible enough to allow for wholesale sales across the board or on an individualized basis for high-volume buyers. Guidance can also integrate more than 100 payment gateways and a one-field checkout process for repeat customers.


Learn more about our Shopify Plus website development services by contacting us at Guidance today.