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Fashion-forward ecommerce sites with unique features on Shopify Plus

Guidance built two ecommerce sites for Verishop’s Billie and Lett brands in under 6 weeks for NYFW.

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  • Compressed Project Timeline


Billie and Lett, Verishop’s sister brands, presented Guidance with the challenge of building two beautiful Shopify Plus ecommerce stores in under 6 weeks—just in time for NYFW (New York Fashion Week). They were looking for a sleek, mobile-first design that could accommodate their catalog of shoppable high-res images all loaded on the homepage with advanced product filtering built into the Product Landing Page (PLP).


Verishop is a social shopping platform made to inspire through engaging photography, beautiful videos and aspirational looks. Women and men can explore clothing and accessories, make up, skin care, home decor and much more through a curated experience of top global names and newly discovered digitally native indie brands. All the products sold on Verishop and its sister brands, Billie and Lett, are hand picked to ensure a greater degree of quality control and an unparalleled customer experience for their loyal fans.

Shopify Plus

Most ecommerce websites are housed within a set navigation structure and the homepage often exists as the front door to the rest of the customer experience. For Billie and Lett, the front door is the experience: in both designs, the homepage presents the entire catalog with full hi-res imagery all as an entirely shoppable Product Landing Page. This is unique to the ecommerce world and as such, it’s not a feature that presents out of the box with Shopify Plus. Using the beautiful designs and the creative vision from Billie and Lett, Guidance customized the homepage to be a fully immersive “quick shop” experience with colorways and sizes available on hover-state and Add-to-Cart features directly on the PLP.

Shopify Plus was selected as the ecommerce platform for its quick time to market coupled with the ease of management post-launch. By using an ecommerce platform like Shopify Plus, Verishop can focus on their specialty, fashion, without worrying about the technical details. As a SaaS platform, Shopify Plus removes the burden of hosting, security updates and managing downtime.

Mobile-first and Fashion-forward Design

Billie and Lett’s customers are thoroughly comfortable shopping on their mobile device; they expect as fully immersive an experience on their handheld device as on their desktop. To them, all design is fashion-forward. The complex desktop catalog is a collage of unique images with different aspect ratios clustered in an organic pattern throughout the homepage. The mobile version had to have a very similar feel but with much less screen space. The collage format was not viable but Guidance created a mobile structure that mimicked the organic nature of the desktop version along responsive breakpoints.

Verishop Case Study | Shopify Plus

Lett’s homepage elevates the brand’s creative vision with immersive experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

The homepage (on desktop and mobile) is, in essence, the Product Landing Page (PLP). Therefore, the PLP had to contain filtering mechanisms not standard with Shopify Plus and the homepage had to be fully shoppable without ever having to land on a Product Description Page (PDP). Coupled with this, the homepage catalog features product tiles in a repeating grid of images with different aspect ratios to resemble an organic catalog feed—similar to a social media feed’s scroll. The product tiles all contain the size and color selections on hover state and allow a customer to add directly to cart with one touch.

Verishop Case Study | Shopify Plus

Billie's custom desktop and mobile homepage provide a fully unique "Quick Shop" experience for customers on entry.

Full Suite of Integrations

Both ecommerce websites required multiple integrations. Billie and Lett integrated with the StitchLabs ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for inventory and fulfillment management. For tracking data and traffic throughout the websites and for in-depth reporting, they used Segment Analytics. Guidance implemented their extensively used instance of Klaviyo for email marketing and Zendesk is leveraged for customer support management. Shopify Plus has numerous out of the box features that Billie and Lett have been able to use: Shopify Plus Search is a complex on-site search tool and Shopify Plus has a native integration with Apple Pay for easy payment processing.

Brand integrity is critical to Verishop and much of the product selection is through influencer marketing and “tastemaker” curation. Both Billie and Lett take full advantage of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest for advertisement and sales directly through their feed. It’s so important that a large portion of their homepage is dedicated to a rotating carousel of their most popular Instagram posts. Guidance helped both brands seamlessly integrate their social media marketing into their ecommerce websites. The results have been impressive: these once-indie brands have quickly catapulted to the ranks of fashion influencers.


In under 6 weeks and just in time for NYFW (New York Fashion Week), Guidance delivered two innovative and highly customized Shopify Plus ecommerce websites for Verishop’s sister brands Billie and Lett. Both of these websites push the boundaries of the Shopify Plus theme and deliver a modern, social media-inspired shopping experience.

The mobile-first design is a highly shoppable homepage with advanced product filtering built into the Product Landing Page (PLP). All the images on the homepage have a full set of colorways and Add to Cart on hover state inviting customers to shop directly with one-click.

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With NYFW (New York Fashion Week) quickly approaching, Verishop challenged Guidance to build two engaging, mobile-first Shopify Plus ecommerce websites for their sister brands, Billie and Lett.

The homepage presents as an entire organic, social media-inspired catalog on page load without compromising page performance. The homepage, which has advanced product filtering, can be merchandised with sleek, hi-res imagery that is fully shoppable as a Product Landing Page (PLP). The images have a full set of colorways and Add to Cart features on hover state inviting customers to shop directly from the homepage catalog.

In under 6 weeks, Guidance delivered two highly customized shops that pushed the boundaries of the Shopify Plus themes.


  • Analytics
  • Shopify Plus Development
  • Integrations
  • Mobile and Desktop Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Social Media Shopping
  • Custom Development
  • Custom Advanced Product Filtering


  • Stitchlabs ERP
  • Segment Analytics
  • Shopify Back in Stock Notifications
  • Avalara Taxes
  • Shopify Payments
  • Shopify Search
  • Apple Pay
  • Returnly Returns
  • Klaviyo Email
  • Zendesk Customer Service