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B2B Ecommerce Website Development

B2B buyers are looking for self-service information and the ability to buy directly from vendors online. This comes as no surprise. B2B customers enjoy the same ease of use that B2C shopping experiences offer?
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B2B Ecommerce
Development Services


Personalized Experiences

B2B customers expect rich buying experiences. Increase conversion rates with dynamic buying journeys tailored to your unique product selection.


Self-service Checkout

Offer your clients faster fulfillment, easier repeat purchasing and online self-service capabilities.


End to End Reporting

Create reports for immediate insights into every aspect of your business.


Automate Operations

Respond to business requests and save time with automated workflows that improve company efficiencies and reduce wasted manpower.

Accelerate with Guidance B2B Ecommerce Website Development

Mid-Market ecommerce development services include Ongoing Enhancements, Performance Testing, 24/7 Application Support, Analytics, CRO, Roadmaps and QBRs.

Enterprise level Support with Dedicated Ecommerce Specialists, Quarterly Usability Studies, SEO Roadmaps, Third-Party Code Reviews, ADA Compliance, Security Reviews and Code Assessments.

Expand Your Reach

B2B Industries We Serve


Manufacturing and Industrial

Let Guidance showcase your company's dedication to innovation with a sleek design and cutting-edge features. Our expertise in manufacturing and industrial website design and development ensures that your online presence reflects your commitment to excellence. From interactive tools and high-definition video to visually captivating digital catalogs with 360-degree views, we craft compelling online experiences that resonate with your buyers.


Discover how our manufacturing website development solutions are empowering industry leaders like Baker Hughs, Thermon, and Implant Direct dominate in their markets.


Wholesale and Distribution

Ensuring that your B2B wholesale or distribution website meets the specific needs of your customers is crucial for success. Our expertise in web design and functionality guarantees that your wholesale ecommerce site has the flexibility necessary for unlimited customization and seamless scaling.


Find out what our wholesale web design agency can do for your business by exploring our customer success stories in this space: Avery, NDSPro, and C&H Distributors.


Retail B2B Solutions

Get the unique features, streamlined functionality, and omni-channel customizations that will set your B2B retail brand apart. Guidance helps pioneering brands unlock higher sales and sustainable growth with expert B2B retail design and web development services. 


See for yourself — check out some of the retail brands we’ve worked with, including Verishop, Stater Bros., and Vince Camuto.


Healthcare and Medical

Your ecommerce website serves as more than just a platform to showcase medical products. Through our custom healthcare website design and development services, it becomes a potent tool for enhancing customer loyalty, driving repeat sales, and solidifying your brand's expertise within the healthcare industry.


View what we’ve done for other industry leaders, including Aspen Medical Products and Smile Direct Club.

B2B Integrations

B2B businesses rely on careful integration of their ecommerce tools to provide a memorable buyer experience and simplify the systems needed to power business growth. Seamless communication between all systems is key to smooth operations on both the front- and back-end of your site.

When it comes to your B2B web ecommerce development, Guidance focuses heavily on building strong API integrations so you can maximize efficiency, gather core data, and meet your goals. We help you tie all of the following systems together so you can focus on fulfilling your client’s needs.

Order Management
SCM (Supply Chain Management)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integration
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Integration

"Guidance has transformed our business by bringing digital B2B into the forefront of our customer experience."

Jen Maas, Aspen Medical

Aspen Medical mobile

“Big round of applause from my support team for this one. Working great. Big thanks!”

HeartMath Team

HeartMath Mobile

“[Guidance] have been awesome on support, supporting us all the way through….I really appreciate that, it means a lot to me and Farmer Boy.”

Jeremy Martin, Farmer Boy


Frequently Asked Questions

We believe each brand deserves tailored solutions. Guidance strives to understand your business goals, recognize the context of a given industry and recommend the best solution for supporting omnichannel B2B ecommerce strategies. With over 25 years of experience, the knowledge and expertise we bring to our clients is invaluable. Our implementations are based on proven technologies, such as Magento, BigCommerce, Episerver (Optimizely) and Shopify Plus. Technology is at the core of everything we do. After all, we've been creating successful ecommerce experiences since the late 1990s. Our developers are top-notch and our integration expertise includes order management systems, warehouse management systems, ERP/financial back-ends, customer service solutions and much more.

We offer comprehensive solutions to meet your growing business needs. Some of these services include: 

Collaboration Tools

Comparison Engine Feeds

Content Delivery Networks

Content Management Systems

CRM Systems

Customer Reviews and Recommendation Feeds

Database Servers

Ecommerce Engines

Email/Search Engine Marketing Software

Fulfillment Platforms

Guided/Faceted Navigation

Hosting Providers

Live Chat/Click to Call Providers

Marketplace Management

Optimization Applications

Order Management/ERP Systems

Payment Gateways

Payment Security

Payment Systems

Performance Monitoring & Load Testing

Personalization Software

Rich Internet Application Technology

Search Engines

Security Certification Applications

Shipping Carriers

Site Search Products

Social Networks

Web Analytics Software

Guidance offers solutions as unique as your brand’s products and services. We've spent more than two decades managing complex system integrations for our B2B clients. As a result, we're fluent in both the nuances and requirements of OMS, ERP and CRM systems.We understand the challenges that our B2B customers face on a daily basis. We also know that not all IT infrastructures are built equally or are able to accommodate change. Guidance tackles these issues head-on, with strategic vision and results. Our team of ecommerce experts has integrated with over 100 vendors, platforms and technologies to provide real-time, bi-directional feeds to 3rd party solutions and legacy applications.

Just like a B2C transaction, your clients want to purchase easily and efficiently. With B2B ecommerce that includes a platform and multiple third party solutions, you ensure your clients have up-to-date product information, 24/7 order capabilities and a seamless user experience. Custom B2B solutions allow your business to implement flexible, robust and scalable growth strategies that amplify your business processes and integrate with new and existing systems infrastructure. A fully integrated custom ecommerce ecosystem requires connections to internal and external systems such as an ERP, CMS, CRM, OMS & ESP to deliver significant improvements to your bottom line. 

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