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Build Powerful Solutions with a B2C Ecommerce Development Agency

Guidance delivers scalable and profitable B2C ecommerce solutions to retailers. After over two decades of creating powerful ecommerce websites for our clients, we're well-versed in the language of growth oriented ecommerce.
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Accelerate Your Growth

Maximize Your B2C Ecommerce Potential



Attract more shoppers and increase conversion rates with dynamic customer buying journeys tailored to your unique product selection.


Data Driven

Choose the B2C ecommerce platform and technologies that provide real-time information to propel strong data-driven decision-making.


Artificial Intelligence

Gain insights into purchase patterns and user behavior for improved performance across the entire user journey with big data generated and accumulated by AI.


Customer Centricity

Utilize connected storytelling and interactions across all touchpoints to drive your B2C ecommerce website growth.

Accelerate with B2C Ecommerce

Mid-Market B2C ecommerce accelerations include site performance testing, managed services along with web analytics, digital experience optimization, technical roadmap development, quarterly business reviews, and ongoing website enhancements and feature additions.

Enterprise level B2C ecommerce solutions with dedicated ecommerce specialists, quarterly usability studies and customer surveys, SEO roadmap and execution, third party extension code reviews, ADA site compliance, security reviews, and peak readiness code assessment.


UX and UI Design

We understand the impact of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) on building a strong first impression. As a trusted B2C web design agency, Guidance uses strategic methods to help you develop your site in a way that elevates the UX and UI design for better results.


CRO Strategies

Website traffic is only as important as the conversions it brings. Guidance helps you convert, using proven conversion rate optimization strategies that bridge the gap between a potential sale and a completed one.

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Ecommerce Store Development

There are hundreds of ways to build an ecommerce store, but they won’t all meet your unique needs. Whether you are giving your site a facelift or starting from scratch, we give you the B2C development tools to create a site that fits your brand’s goals, providing as much support as you need along the way.


CX Optimization

A positive Customer Experience (CX) is central to keeping consumers engaged and boosting your revenue. Guidance works with you to enhance your site, implementing proven strategies like visual design, storytelling, and creative branding to increase conversions.

“Not all development partners are the same. Without the Guidance team our website would've just been a standard ecommerce site. Guidance's technical expertise enabled us to challenge the norm and build the brand experience we want for our fans.”

Daniel Kim, Director of Ecommerce, Hawaii Volcanic


“The depth of expertise provided by the team at Guidance is impressive. They didn’t just develop a website for us, they worked with us to focus our ecommerce strategy applying their knowledge of best practices and standards.”

Alfredo Chavez, Director of Ecommerce, Santa Monica Seafood


“Guidance understands our culture and what we want to achieve.”

Carmen Lux, VP Software Engineering, SmileDirectClub


Frequently Asked Questions

After more than two decades of creating powerful solutions for our clients, we're extremely well-versed in the language of shopping. We're passionate about creating thriving revenue channels that are backed by custom-tailored strategies and solutions. Through our network of solution and platform partners, we help brands bring new technologies to life like AI-driven personalization, voice commerce, augmented reality and marketing automation.

We believe each brand deserves tailored solutions. Guidance strives to understand your business goals, recognize the context of a given industry and recommend the best solution for supporting omnichannel B2C ecommerce strategies. With over 25 years of experience, the knowledge and expertise we bring to our clients is invaluable. Our implementations are based on proven technologies, such as Magento, BigCommerce, Episerver (Optimizely) and Shopify Plus. Technology is at the core of everything we do. After all, we've been creating successful ecommerce experiences since the late 1990s. Our developers are top-notch and our integration expertise includes order management systems, warehouse management systems, ERPs, customer service solutions and much more.

A B2C ecommerce solution is a comprehensive network of software that allows companies to manage all operations related to online sales of products and/or services. These solutions create a centralized, digital hub for product and customer data, allowing ecommerce businesses to manage product information, personalize store content and layout, and process online transactions and payments. Ecommerce platforms unify, scale and maintain core business processes like the selling of products and services and the backend functions of managing inventory and shipping.

Guidance offers services as unique as your brand. Through our B2C ecommerce solutions, we manage your product through its lifecycle with ongoing testing and improvements. Our development processes ensure minimal time to market and our full stack web and mobile solutions streamline costs and timelines. From conceptualization to design, development to testing, we help your brand create the industry-leading products that set you apart in the industry. We've spent more than two decades managing complex system integrations for our B2C clients. As a result, we're fluent in all the associated nuances and requirements.

A true ecommerce experience is more than just an online store. Like an ecosystem with many moving parts, a successful ecommerce solution includes personalization, order management, regulation and tax compliance, payment gateways, digital marketing and much more. We understand the challenges that our B2C brands face on a daily basis. We also know that not all IT infrastructures are built equally or are able to accommodate change. Guidance tackles these issues head-on, with strategic vision and results. Each of our projects achieves the most effective implementation, ensures transparency throughout the process and offers client participation at every stage of the project.

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