Shopify Plus Partner in Los Angeles, CA

Growing online brands and stores can benefit from Guidance, a shopify plus partner in Los Angeles, CA. Many small businesses who are just starting out may be looking for an effective way to get their message and product or services out there. Even large organizations who want a new way to be innovative with marketing strategies can see revenue through using Shopify Plus. Of course, reaching out to customers and getting them to purchase the product is the primary focus on most companies. As your LA shopify plus partner in CA, our team at Guidance can help get you to the level of success you are striving towards. 


Advantages of Shopify Plus

When thinking about what platform to use for your website development, there are many variables to consider. Based on the needs for your business, you can suggest what platform could work the most to your advantage. Here are just a few reasons why Shopify Plus may be the platform to choose: 


Pricing is Predictable

The pricing for Shopify Plus begins at a flat rate, and then may go up depending on your needs (such as if you want to customize a page or increase traffic levels, etc). With a platform that has consistent pricing, you know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month. 


Technical Support is Available

Along with predictable pricing, Shopify Plus comes along with an account manager. You will have technical support for issues like bug fixes, billing, adding features, and other development concerns. You also have access to a development team that is focused on helping you, since they only work on a single platform (other firms may work across many platforms and clients, causing long wait times). 


Implementation of Agile Marketing

The process of gathering feedback rapidly and efficiently is referred to as agile marketing. As your shopify plus partner in Los Angeles may tell you, this is a crucial component of your website development and marketing. The most innovative and forward-thinking digital companies implement agile marketing. Shopify Plus was made with marketing in mind, since that is what drives customers to your website and generates revenue. Another bonus of Shopify Plus is that is has a tool called Liquid, that allows changes to be made at the store level. 


Deployment Internationally

If you are a business owner with a brand that is continually growing, Shopify Plus can benefit you because it has tools to deploy international sites quickly. Shopify Plus enables you to use geo-targeting, change language, and alter currency as appropriate. As your Los Angeles, CA shopify plus partner, we can give you tips on how to save both time and money. 


As you can see, there are several advantages to using Shopify Plus, especially if you are an owner of a growing business. Our team can work with you to create a website and marketing strategy that connects you with your target audience. Don’t hesitate to call Guidance to learn more about becoming a shopify plus partner in Los Angeles, California today!