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As an Episerver Solutions Partner, our designers and developers have excelled in implementing an array of Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce sites.

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Clients Trust Guidance to Build on Episerver


25 Years of Experience

Guidance has been innovating word-class eCommerce for over 25 years leveraging the experience of over 1000+ site builds and integrations.


User-friendly Interface

We marry our extensive creative and technical process to give you the best in UX and design for your Episerver website.


Secure Online Transactions

Using our unique expertise, Guidance ensures the security and privacy of every transaction on your Episerver website, all while delivering personalized experiences to every individual.


Personalized Content Marketing

The Episerver Personalization engine enables our customers to easily personalize experiences, from guided navigation to advanced machine learning personalized content helping to increase engagement and conversions.



Easily scale your Episerver website needs with our team of expert Episerver website developers here at Guidance who know the ins and outs of Episerver scalability using net technologies.


Social Media Platform Integration

As experts in integration with social media applications and processes to make the most of your implementation, Guidance ensures your social media platforms flawlessly combines with your Episerver development

Guidance Leads the Way in Episerver Website Development


As a customer-centric ecommerce agency run by a committed team of experts with 25 years of digital experience, Guidance knows a thing or two about building successful online stores. We're highly proficient in helping growth-oriented B2B and B2C manufacturers and merchants dial in on web design, system integration, UX (user experience), mobile optimization, growth, marketing, and commerce strategy.

The ecommerce development services we offer extend across the digital spectrum, and we draw from an expansive toolkit of solutions to provide our customers with the best options for their brands. We work with online merchants of all shapes and sizes, including startups, mid-market companies, and retail giants looking to thrive in competitive, ever-evolving markets.

Guidance partners with top ecommerce platforms like Episerver to help our customers reach their utmost potential and foster long-term growth. Find answers below to frequently asked questions about what our Episerver partner agency can do for your company.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients



Guidance helped Thermon build a world-class website on Episerver to showcase their mission critical products

  • Competitive Edge

    Guidance solved Thermon’s challenge by building an award-winning website that now aligns with their new branding on Episerver’s CMS platform.

  • Innovative Website

    As pioneers in their industry, Thermon wanted their content and website to reflect their brand identity and highly sophisticated products.

Benefit Cosmetics

Guidance replatformed 42 global sites for cosmetics company Benefit, while also telling a powerful customer engagement story.

  • Augmented Reality

    Brow Try-On lets customers preview brow looks with augmented reality (AR) using their device's camera.

  • Powerful CMS

    Guidance implemented a content block solution that simplifies content management and allows for easy product updates across multiple languages.



We are thrilled with all the work you’ve done for us. You are one of the best – if not the best – teams we’ve ever worked with. Thank you.

Learner’s Digest International

The UI/UX of Thermon’s new website is a template that all B2B sites can (and should!) aspire to replicate. Plus, with a foundation built on the Episerver platform, Thermon has set itself up for future scalability including advanced B2B transactional commerce.


This is not the finish line. This is the start to something bigger.

Jeff Shih

Benefit Cosmetics

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Episerver be leveraged for your ecommerce business?
  • Episerver is a SaaS (software as a service) company offering solutions for website content management, ecommerce, and digital marketing through cloud services. The platform has many excellent capabilities that can be leveraged for your ecommerce business, such as inventory management and cataloging, intelligent search, site navigation, order and account management, pricing and digital asset management, merchandising programs, multi-store and multi-language options, campaigns and promotions, admin features, and checkout optimization.

  • As an Episerver certified developer, Guidance is here to help you make the most of the digital commerce platform. Our designers and developers have excelled in implementing an array of Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce sites.

  • Ultimately, working with Episerver partners like ours can be highly beneficial to your bottom line. With the right personalized approach, your ecommerce business can operate more smoothly, attract new shoppers, retain existing customers, increase revenue, and scale growth.
Does Episerver offer training and support?
  • When you use the Episerver platform, you'll have access to substantial training resources and support. With Episerver Education, you can take advantage of unlimited continued learning and certification pathways. Lessons are supported by top-tier instructors and tailored to your industry, experience, goals, and role within your company.

  • Episerver's online training center allows you to chart your learning pathway and learn from full-time teaching staff and digital leaders. You can take a self-paced learning route or participate in an instructor-led format. Plus, the curated course content is continuously updated and accessible year-round.

  • As for support, Episerver has a comprehensive service dashboard. You can submit and review bug fixes, register an incident, post on the Episerver World forum, read through FAQs, browse self-help resources, and get in touch with the Episerver platform's support staff at any time via email or phone.

  • As a certified Episerver web content management agency, Guidance can also provide you with all the support you need. We'll address issues as they arise, help you overcome obstacles, and answer your questions as needed.
What kind of companies choose Episerver as their ecommerce platform?
  • Ecommerce companies of all sizes and from all industries use the Episerver solution. We're talking B2B merchandisers, B2C businesses, startups, and many D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands. The platform is particularly useful for those that need a robust CMS (content management system).

  • Guidance has leveraged the digital experience platform for many business users, including Burlington, Thermon, C&H Distributors, Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply, Learner's Digest International, Burkes Outlet, and Stater Bros. For these brands, we built ecommerce websites on the Episerver framework and selected the best-in-class platform's CMS, thanks to its breadth of tools and capabilities. Check out our Episerver case studies to learn more about how we utilize Episerver.
How does Episerver's cost compare to other ecommerce platforms?
  • Episerver doesn't list a pricing structure on its website. Individualized quotes are based on various factors like your website traffic, how many SKUs you'll need to store in the cloud, and what features you'll be using.

  • While information about monthly and yearly costs isn't readability available, the price of Episerver tends to be slightly higher than other CMS platforms. That being said, the ecommerce content management platform provides businesses with a great deal of value. In many cases, the cost is a worthwhile investment for online retailers, especially when you work with Episerver partners such as Guidance.
Why is it important to work with Episerver developers?
  • If you want to get the most value out of the Episerver solution, we highly recommend working with a certified Episerver design agency like Guidance. As a solutions-focused developer, we can help make sure your ecommerce site reaches its fullest potential.

  • Signing up for an Episerver account and setting up a website might seem simple enough. However, the platform is relatively complex, and Guidance knows how to help you get your money's worth. Our seasoned Episerver development team knows its way around the CMS platform, and we can help you take advantage of the features, tools, and capabilities that will benefit your business most.
How can an Episerver development agency help your company?
  • If you think your brand could benefit from using Episerver, we suggest working with an experienced development agency such as Guidance that offers ecommerce solutions.

  • Guidance will evaluate your business and come up with effective, customized solutions tailored to your product offerings, core strengths, and branding while considering your unique needs, pain points, and goals. Episerver is an integral component of the solutions we provide many of our clients, and we can help you build an optimized website with fine-tuned content management and marketing automation capabilities.

  • With our personalized approach to website development and digital retailing, you'll see a boost in brand awareness, customer retention, website traffic, and sales. In the end, working with an Episerver developer like Guidance can help your ecommerce company flourish in the online realm where digital content is all the buzz.
How do I find a reliable Episerver developer?
  • We thought you'd never ask! If you're searching for a reliable Episerver development agency, you've come to the right place. Guidance is a widely recognized and highly experienced ecommerce developer with an Episerver certification. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide tailored solutions to meet the distinct needs and goals of your brand.

  • Working with Guidance means your business will benefit from the critical skill set of our website developers and content management experts. If you want to take your ecommerce company to the next level, our innovative approach and trusted expertise can help get you there.

Guidance Builds the Ultimate Episerver Websites

Guidance can help you increase conversions and revenue by ensuring your site is always performing at optimal speed with our Episerver website development services. Whether you need someone to step in and rescue your current project or you are looking for a capable team to design and develop a secure, fast, and responsive ecommerce website, we have you covered.

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