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One of the most important indicators of success for a business is how satisfied customers are with the services they receive. Satisfied customers remember a brand, recommend it to their network, and come back for more sales.

Therefore, it is more important than ever for businesses to focus on creating a seamless customer experience. Still, for many businesses, this is easier said than done, as crafting a strong customer experience requires a strategic approach to holistically address the customer’s purchasing journey.

Fortunately, the right tools and technology can simplify this process and give businesses the support needed to create a positive customer experience. Discover all the ways that you can leverage CX technology to benefit your business and drive sales.

What Is CX Technology?

The foundation of business success comes down to how well you are able to meet your customers’ needs. Happy customers are the key to long-term success, as they are more likely to recommend your business and return for future purchases. A positive customer experience should be the number one priority for any business. A strong experience means rapid customer service, quick order fulfillment, a seamless buyer journey, and easy-to-navigate systems.

Customer experience technology, also known as CX Technology, refers to a wide range of tools that help businesses more easily create a positive experience for customers. This technology can refer to tools that automate processes involved in customer service or those that simply make it easier for customers to engage with a business. Examples of CX technology can include anything from email automation, conversion rate optimization to social media.

Why Is CX Technology Important for Businesses?

As much as  73% of customers say that customer experience is a driving factor in their purchasing decisions. As a result, businesses should maintain a strong focus on pleasing customers for sustained relationships. The most successful businesses focus on the art of customer obsession, maintaining a strong dedication to the customer experience in all areas of their operations.

However, developing a seamless customer experience can be a challenge, as it often takes time and people power to meet customer needs with urgency and care. On the bright side, CX technology allows businesses to simplify this process, saving them valuable time and resources while helping to improve a customer’s interaction with a business and increasing customer satisfaction.

Some of the tangible benefits of CX technology for businesses include:

  • Generating more conversions
  • Boosting customer retention
  • Improving brand image
  • Enhancing customer loyalty
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Directing customers to future purchases

How CX Technology Solutions Can Improve Your Business

CX technology is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. As a result, any business can find a way to use technology to improve customer experience. The following are some of the best tools that CX technology can offer.

UX/UI Design Solutions

In today’s world, your website is the number one tool for reaching customers, so design matters. When it comes to your brand’s website, three main factors influence the customer experience—information architecture (IA) design, user experience (UX) design, and user interface (UI) design.

A well-designed user interface can potentially increase your website’s conversion rate by  as much as 200%. The right technology can help you optimize your site and revitalize how your site presents to customers. Ecommerce solutions like Adobe Commerce (Magento) and  Optimizely (Episerver) help to optimize the customer experience in all three CX areas for a higher conversion rate.  

At Guidance, we will connect you with the right CX technology solutions based on your brand goals. With our in-house team of designers, we will also help you utilize these tools to develop and design your site with a focus on conversion-rate optimization (CRO). Our goal is to provide your customers with a seamless experience from the moment they enter your site and drive them to contact you or make a purchase. 

Email Automation

Email has become a valuable, if not vital, tool for reaching customers, building relationships, and marketing products. As much as  50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once a month. However, when staff is tasked with determining when to send emails, it can be impossible to take advantage of all the potential opportunities for reaching customers.

Triggered emails are one of the best examples of the power of email automation. With trigger emails, an email is sent to customers when a trigger event occurs. Trigger events can include a customer signing up for a membership, placing an order, or even having a birthday. These emails allow your brand to take advantage of opportunities to reach customers at multiple points during their journey and create the opportunity for a long-term customer relationship.

With appropriate data and effective automation, brands can curate personalized marketing campaigns for customers by segmenting lists based on customer demographics and purchasing habits. By using an email marketing strategy that personally resonates with consumers, brands can engage and convert more customers. Guidance can help you further take advantage of this opportunity by helping you design your email campaigns. 

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Customer Service Automation

We all know the feeling of hopelessness that comes with needing help but not being able to reach someone who can. When customers need assistance with a product, service, or sales process, they expect rapid, quality service. In fact, ineffective customer service could lead to losing a sale altogether, as 91% of customers are willing to switch companies after just one poor customer service experience.

However, with the help of CX technology such as Gorgias, brands can automate the customer service process to boost customer satisfaction. Some examples of customer service automation use cases include providing real-time service through a website chat function, using AI to address support requests, and following up with customers through SMS.

Product Returns Automation

A strong customer experience is dependent on convenience and efficiency. The product return process is one area capable of automation and offers several benefits for brands. By creating a streamlined product return process using CX technology like Happy Returns, you help to alleviate customer concerns and motivate them to come back for another purchase, all while saving time and energy for your team.

Instead of taking up valuable time from the customer service team to manage returns, an automated returns process allows customers to navigate a self-service portal and minimize communication with a business for simple returns. In addition to improving the customer experience, a strong ecommerce website can also suggest other products that a customer may want to buy as they navigate the returns process, leading to additional sales.

Social Media

Social media has rapidly turned into a powerful and necessary form of technology for businesses looking to create a positive customer experience. There are many ways that brands can leverage social media to improve the customer experience and build better relationships with customers.

In one survey of professionals, 55.7% of respondents said that they use social media for general engagement and brand promotion, 52.7% said that they use it to provide complete customer support, and 39.4 % use it for conducting sales. These figures demonstrate that not only is the potential of social media there, but it is also actively being used as an effective customer experience technology solution.


To create a positive customer experience, you need to understand your customers and what they want. As a result, customer research is one of the most integral parts of developing and refining their experience. Technology is a valuable tool in this process.

When leveraged properly, CX technology can provide insightful analytics through Analytics Reviews, Heat Maps, and Competitive Analyses. These analytics inform your UX design and content decisions to drive your site’s CRO strategy for more sales and better customer relationships.

With a better understanding of what customers are looking for through CX technology solutions, you can better meet their needs. Guidance utilizes research-based CX solutions to assist brands in gaining invaluable insight for a targeted business strategy that optimizes the customer experience. 

Omnichannel Marketing

An optimized omnichannel experience has become an essential part of the customer experience. Omnichannel campaigns are better at reaching customers and driving sales, demonstrating an over 13% higher engagement rate than single-channel campaigns. However, manually managing the omnichannel experience is far from easy—this is where CX technology comes in.

Omnichannel technology allows businesses to create a seamless customer experience. Through omnichannel solutions, customers experience consistency across platforms and know what to expect from a brand.

With the help of Guidance, businesses can begin to incorporate omnichannel technology from industry leader  Radial. Radial allows brands to create a seamless, unified brand experience in order to convert sales, increase customer satisfaction, and build customer relationships.

Enhance Your Potential with CX Technology Solutions

Businesses that can leverage CX technology to improve customer experience are able to strengthen their brand image and build long-lasting relationships with customers. If you are ready to experience the benefits of CX technology in improving your customer relationships and develop an unforgettable customer experience, then Guidance can help.

At  Guidance, we help you develop an ecommerce strategy that drives sales, from helping you design your website to connecting you with the right tools for reaching your customers. Learn more about how Guidance can incorporate CX technology solutions into your everyday operations.

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