Our Customer Experience (CX) team is available to tackle complex eCommerce issues and weigh in with strategic solutions customized for your business, all in a video-conference conversation at a time that works for you.

Elevate Your Brand Online

Gain useful insights to ensure your branding is cohesive and ready for market dominance.

Build Loyalty & Engagement

Strengthen customer relationships through captivating content.

Improve Conversion

Learn how to streamline your shopping funnel and create a seamless checkout experience.


Learn how Guidance puts data and design expertise to work for you.

The Guidance CX team is at the forefront of eCommerce, implementing design patterns and user flows borne of thousands of points of hard data. Our process of combining research, expertise, and best practices positions our clients with game-changing performance improvements.

Let’s Dive In

What goes into this Customer Experience Workshop?


What Is CX?

eCommerce evolves quickly. Discover what Customer Experience entails, and why it’s crucial for your business.


The Value of CX Strategy

Learn why process drives results, and CX expertise should be at the center of your organization’s decision-making.


Before & Afters

See examples of CX strategy Guidance has created for companies with business goals similar to yours.


CX Services at Guidance

From Discovery fact-finding activities to pixel-perfect final designs, we offer a full spectrum of CX services.


eCom Design in 2023

If you’re following trends, you’re behind. Let’s talk about the latest best practices and how to give you an edge above the competition.


Heat Maps

Using an algorithm built from thousands of hours of eye-tracking, let’s see how your current site performs.


Personalized Audit

Hear our experts’ insights and receive tailor-made, actionable recommendations for improving your existing site.


Opportunity for Questions

We’re happy to field any questions you may have, from strategy to what partnering with Guidance looks like. This is your time!

  • 30

    years innovating
    world-class commerce

  • 1,000+

    site builds & integrations

  • $3B

    Gross Merchandise Value

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