What is AddShoppers?

AddShoppers powers on-site influencer marketing for over 10,000 brands worldwide including Hanes, Everlast, Internet Retailer magazine, and The Economist.

AddShoppers makes it easy for marketers to enhance the on-site customer journey through revenue generating applications on their omni-channel digital properties. Through the 1st party data we capture, we help you increase your revenue per visitor.

With AddShoppers it’s easy to...

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase AOV (Average Order Value)
  • Collect more emails
  • Boost brand awareness through sharing
  • Enhance email marketing and retargeting campaigns with powerful social data


Twelve powerful applications, to help optimize the customer journey.

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AddAnalytics: Capture on-site engagement

  • Influencer Analytics
  • ROI Tracking


AddSocial: Integrate social infrastructure into the buying journey

  • Smart Sharing Buttons - Don’t just provide the function to share, get insight  
  • Social Login - Reduce guest checkouts, prevent bad data, increase mobile conversions
  • Trending Wall - SEO benefits with fresh, user-generated content on category, product, error and home page(s)
  • Purchase Sharing - 30% of shares happen after purchase while shoppers are still “high” on your brand

Description: Social_Login.png


AddReferrals: Drive customer referrals through incentives

  • Social Rewards - Incentivize publicity with rewards for shares
  • Refer-a-Friend - New customer acquisition through existing customers
  • Contests & Giveaways - Grow your email list, CRM, and traffic

Description: Refer_a_Friend.png


AddTargeting: Treat different customers differently

  • Behavioral Targeting - Grow revenue 25% with 1:1 messaging via behavioral promotions.
  • Smart Web Retargeting
  • Facebook Retargeting



Pricing Details

  • Influencer Analytics, ROI Tracking, and Smart Sharing Buttons are always free
  • The remaining nine applications can be purchased on a per App basis
  • Schedule a demo now to learn more!


Platform Integration and Implementation:

  • Works with any platform, minimal copy/paste integration required
  • Prebuilt third-party integrations with Magento, Tealium, Bronto, Google Analytics, and more
  • Asynchronous JavaScript hosted on Akamai’s Global CDN
  • Robust REST API for custom data integration
  • Full Service Integration and Campaign Management Available