The complete iPaaS for I.T. and business users

Celigo is a complete iPaaS that automates key business processes at scale by enabling anyone across your business to integrate applications, whether they’re IT or business users. Leveraging over a decade of experience helping thousands of customers integrate their systems, we’ve built an iPaaS that easily connects thousands of applications while requiring fewer resources to maintain. 


Powerful and Intuitive

Complete iPaaS: Whether you are a business user with a simple use case, or a technical user with complex requirements, Celigo’s powerful integration engine can handle all your needs.

User-friendly Dashboard: Monitor and troubleshoot integration flows using Celigo’s management dashboard with the ability to re-run flows or view error details.


Javascript Hooks: Fully self-contained, self-service extension points for complex flow logic allows for more sophisticated integration templates.


Prebuilt integrations: Leverage hundreds of prebuilt connectors, templates, and Integration Apps to help connect and automate business processes across thousands of applications.
Developer tools: Use advanced options to build powerful custom integrations. Create and share your own stacks, generate tokens for direct API calls, build your own wrapper, and more.

Save time on integrations

Celigo pioneered the concept of the fully-managed Integration App. The Celigo Integration Marketplace offers a list of best-in-class prebuilt Integration Apps, Quickstart Templates, and other Connectors built into the integrator.io platform.


Pre-built, complete, and ready to launch: Integration Apps come ready to deploy with every flow you need to cover all of the common use-cases between two applications.


Integrations for the entire organization: With user-friendly guides and flexible user management, anyone can use and maintain Integration Apps without requiring dedicated technical resources.


Worry-free maintenance: Because these are managed integration apps, we automatically push updates on a regular basis to remove the time and hassle from maintaining your integrations.


Learn more about Celigo: https://www.celigo.com/

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