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25 Years of Experience

Guidance has been innovating word-class eCommerce for over 25 years leveraging the experience of over 1000+ site builds and integrations.


Flawless Integrations

As a team that knows your Shopify Plus development needs, the experts at Guidance have helped many clients integrate their work effortlessly into their ecommerce site.


Shopify Plus Capabilities

As an enterprise ecommerce platform for large and growing online stores and brands, Guidance is here for all your Shopify Plus needs.


Features & Functionality

Whether you’re looking to add a theme on top of current functionality or need custom development, we’re here to make your project run smooth with the help of Guidance’s Shopify Plus development team.


Platform expertise

As Shopify Plus platform experts, no matter what your needs, we can help execute a plan for success. We configure your portal with features that make it easy for you to run your business.



Using Guidance to build your Shopify Plus site provides you with a solid yet flexible store builder that can increase conversions and sales, as well as reduce a lot of administrative tasks, and provide valuable management information.

Guidance Leads the Way with Shopify Plus


Guidance is a customer-oriented ecommerce developer serving growth-focused B2B and B2C businesses in a variety of industries. We offer cutting-edge solutions for customer experience, website design, ecommerce store setup and optimization, mobile site development, multichannel retailing, and complex integration.

With over 25 years of experience in the ecommerce space, the seasoned team at Guidance has a keen eye for consumerism, online retailing, and selling goods in the continuously evolving digital world. Our innovative services have been integral in the growth of startups, mid-market merchants, and merchandising veterans alike.

As a leading web development agency, Guidance partners with top ecommerce platforms like Shopify Plus to help brands build and expand their online shops and thrive in highly competitive markets. Find answers to frequently asked questions about what our Shopify designers and developers can do for your online business below.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients



Guidance replatformed 9 ecommerce sites for K-Swiss Global Brands in 8 weeks to reduce costs and simplify management.

  • Shopify Plus Replatforming

    Guidance replatformed 9 ecommerce sites to Shopify Plus reducing code base complexity while allowing for flexible brand presentations.

  • Custom Middleware

    Guidance validated middleware connections from Shopify Plus to separate ERP providers in the U.S. and Europe.


Guidance extended Shopify Plus for Hoonigan to include a rich CMS and YouTube integration, infused with their edgy aesthetic.

  • Breaking Boundaries

    Guidance's custom integrations accommodated Hoonigan's furiously fast content production.

  • Driving Huge ROI

    Guidance's migration and redesign also led to rapid increases in revenue, conversion rates and average order values.



The daily, constant cooperation between the Guidance team and the K-Swiss team was essential…resulting in the successful on-time launch of nine sites.

Technical Lead

We used custom short codes to pull information from out-of-the-box Shopify endpoints to display in multiple areas of the site which significantly reduced site management overhead. We also created custom Chrome extensions to give Hoonigan the opportunity to utilize attributes within the Shopify Backend. All of this is hosted in Shopify, so this reduces the risk of relying on 3rd party hosted apps.

Project Manager

Shopify Plus enabled the Hoonigan project by offering an extensive marketplace of apps, allowing for the enhancement of the base platform without a large development undertaking.

Technical Architect

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Shopify Plus be leveraged for your ecommerce business?
  • Shopify Plus provides ecommerce businesses with a great deal of value. Leveraging the Shopify platform will streamline the way in which you sell products in the online space. Additionally, if your company has any brick-and-mortar stores, you can sync your inventory and provide your customers with an integrated, omnichannel experience.

  • Shopify partners such as Guidance can help you take advantage of the platform's extensive multichannel capabilities. Ultimately, this can result in expanded brand awareness, increased customer engagement, and a boost in sales for your online business.
How does Shopify Plus work?
  • Shopify Plus is a multichannel enterprise platform where businesses can start, grow, and scale. Essentially, it's designed for rapidly growing merchants that need a customizable ecommerce solution to simplify and enhance business processes.

  • The impressive list of features and capabilities are powerful and highly effective yet also efficient and easy to use. If you need to migrate your existing online store to the platform, Shopify partners like Guidance can assist with re-platforming and website development.
How are orders fulfilled on Shopify?
  • Setting up order fulfillment for your Shopify Plus store is relatively straightforward, though working with a Shopify digital agency such as Guidance can help you streamline the process and get the most out of the features.

  • First, you'll choose your fulfillment method (or methods). Next, you'll specify whether you want to fulfill your product orders automatically or manually. When you add a new product to your online shop, you'll assign it with a fulfillment method. Then when it's purchased, it will be fulfilled via your specified manual or automatic method.
What's the difference between Shopify vs. Shopify Plus?
  • Shopify is designed for startups and small to medium retailers looking to create efficient online stores and checkout pages. Shopify Plus, on the other hand, is made for large, enterprise-level merchandisers. Some of the most well-known and successful brands use Shopify Plus, including Kylie Cosmetics, Red Bull, and Budweiser.

  • The platforms offer the same basic features, but the capabilities of Shopify Plus are much more extensive. Also, a Shopify Plus ecommerce website can handle substantially more traffic and transactions. We're talking upwards of 10,000 purchases per minute on a single site.

  • Additionally, Shopify doesn't provide the option to customize your checkout page. With Shopify Plus, you can create an optimized, user-friendly checkout experience, which can really benefit your bottom line as a store owner.

  • With Shopify Plus, you'll also have access to Shopify Flow, which helps you personalize your customers' first impression of your site, as well as Script Editor for fine-tuning your online store.
How to use Shopify Plus as an ecommerce platform
  • To get the most out of Shopify Plus, your best bet is to work with a Shopify partner agency. Shopify partners like Guidance will evaluate your business and current ecommerce website to provide you with a clear picture of how the platform can be leveraged to improve store setup and optimization.

  • With the help of our experienced Shopify developers, your brand can maximize the power of Shopify Plus, utilizing only the features that will provide you with the most value. Not only that, but as your ecommerce company grows and expands, the Guidance team will still be available to make necessary changes, implement updates, and resolve issues.
What kind of companies choose Shopify Plus as their ecommerce platform?
  • As we mentioned, Shopify Plus is designed for large corporations and established enterprises with high sales volumes looking to grow their online stores. If your ecommerce website sees substantial traffic and daily transactions in the thousands, the platform might be an ideal solution.

  • With Shopify Plus, you can launch sales channels in any location across the globe. Guidance works with growth-oriented mid-market and enterprise-level merchants, including both regional and national brands.
How does Shopify Plus's cost compare to other ecommerce platforms?
  • The cost of the standard Shopify plans are about the same as other ecommerce platforms, like BigCommerce and WooCommerce. Shopify Plus tends to run a bit higher than competitor platforms, though it's important to note its powerful capabilities for Shopify sellers.

  • Some of the world's biggest brands operate online stores using Shopify Plus. In many instances, the price of the platform is a worthwhile investment for companies looking to boost sales, accommodate high website traffic, and scale growth.
How can a Shopify Plus development agency help your company?
  • If you think your company could benefit from the Shopify ecosystem, we recommend working with a development agency that offers enterprise ecommerce solutions. Shopify Plus is an integral part of the services we provide here at Guidance, and we can help you get the most out of its long list of features.

  • Guidance offers premium website development for large merchandisers with significant sales volume. We'll evaluate your company and come up with effective solutions tailored to your core strengths, offerings, and unique branding while taking into account your needs, goals, and pain points as a store owner.

  • We can build a highly customized and optimized website for your business that accommodates localized storefronts, multiple languages, and various currencies. The Shopify Plus platform is flexible enough to allow for wholesale transactions across the board or on an individual basis for high-volume buyers. Also, we can integrate more than 100 payment gateways and a one-field checkout process for repeat customers.
What kind of support does Shopify Plus provide?
  • When you migrate to Shopify Plus, you'll have access to many crucial support features and tools. Shopify merchants can get help and guidance in a variety of business areas, including acquisition, conversion, retention, brand strategy, tech, integrations, business operations, and management.

  • The best support you can get is by using the Shopify Plus partner program, where you have access to web developers such as Guidance. These award-winning agencies, developers, and software specialists know how to cater the platform to the needs of a growing business. If you need support with digital marketing and social media integration, platform migration, web design, customer experience, mobile app optimization, or troubleshooting, Guidance is here to help.

  • With 24/7/365 site support, our Shopify developers are always there to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your company. Not only that, but we'll be available to make any changes or updates needed to keep your ecommerce site and online store relevant to your brand.
How do I find a reliable Shopify Plus developer?
  • If your company processes a high volume of online sales, you need an ecommerce cloud-based platform that you and your customers can trust, such as Shopify Plus. Beyond that, it's important to work with a reputable developer.

  • Guidance is a trusted and reliable Shopify Plus agency with substantial experience providing robust, scalable, and secure ecommerce solutions. We encourage you to reach out to us to get started with your Shopify Plus development or migration project.

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