BigCommerce Partner in Los Angeles, CA

Companies who are looking for BigCommerce partner in Los Angeles, CA, can rely on Guidance for support. As a growing company, chances are that a few of your biggest priorities are revenue, building an easy-to-use website, and continuing to be innovative in attracting clients. Establishing a website that is user-friendly is key to the success of your business. If customers have to work too hard to shop and purchase, then they may buy from somewhere else. By hiring Guidance as your Los Angeles BigCommerce partner, we can help you make a website that showcases the heart of your company. 


Always Keep Your Customer In Mind

When getting your website up and going, you may have organized a team to brainstorm what your mission statement is and the kind of look you want to present to the public. As your BigCommerce partner in Los Angeles, we may offer tips so that your website looks professional, clean, and easy to navigate. When it comes to the success of a company, the focus should be on your customer. Ask yourself questions like:


  • Is it easy for the customer to add a service/product into the cart and make a purchase online?
  • Do all the navigation buttons work correctly and lead to the appropriate page?
  • Is the option to contact easy to find? 
  • Is it clear what your services/products entail? 
  • Is the check-out process secured? 


When brainstorming how you want your website to look, remember that the visitor comes first. Some ideas may have merit for the organization, but may not make sense for the customer. If you don’t put your clients first, then your website will not be as effective as you hope and it can hinder potential revenue. 


Use Language That is Conversational

When writing content for your website, you want to use language and terminology that is easy for anyone to understand. The visitor should not be confused nor should they feel like they are reading a term paper. Avoid using jargon that only those who work for your industry would understand. At Guidance as your CA BigCommerce partner in Los Angeles, we can help you create content that is conversational and draws visitors in further. 


Your Homepage Should Be a Summary

Your homepage is the entrance to your website, and should lay out your services and products, along with how customers will benefit from their purchase. If it takes longer than a few seconds for your visitor to figure out what you are selling and whether they are interested, then they may click out and start a search for something else! 


Post Content That Builds Trust

For visitors who are new to your website, they will be deciding whether they can trust the service or product. As your LA BigCommerce partner in CA, we may recommend including a page about your company history, what you have achieved so far, and photos that aren’t stock images. You may want to create a page that has case studies or testimonials from previous customers. Being endorsed from third parties can hold substantial weight when new clients are deciding whether you are a company they can trust. 


If your company is searching for the right BigCommerce partner in Los Angeles, California, then look no further than Guidance!