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Here at Guidance, we’ve been impressed with the features and usability of BigCommerce, and we are proud to be the BigCommerce partner, Los Angeles, CA, businesses are looking for. If your business is ready for an ecommerce solution that is relatively quick and easy to start but still offers major opportunities for growth and complexity, we’re here to help you access the tools you need. 


Ecommerce already has a major share of the market, and its presence will only continue to grow. In fact, in early 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic made brick-and-mortar shopping all but impossible, many companies scrambled to bolster their online presence and offer a truly online store for perhaps the first time. Now is the time to invest in ecommerce in ways that make sense for your business. With the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles, California BigCommerce partner, you can achieve this end in efficient and effective ways.


What is Ecommerce?

This seems like an overly simple question, but many business owners may not be familiar with the tech terms that others simply take for granted. Quite simply, ecommerce is an online store – a platform meant to help you market your products, sell to customers through your website and manage payments, shipping and other logistical details. The best ecommerce platforms can scale as quickly as your business can grow.


How Does BigCommerce Compare to Competitors?

There are numerous ecommerce builder services available, but major players in the industry include Wix and Shopify. In online reviews, BigCommerce rates favorably against these other companies, particularly in terms of:

  •         Ability to scale quickly as business begins to boom
  •         The ability to sell through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and multiple other channels
  •         Search engine optimization (SEO) tools that help you get your products in front of more users, (helping you sell rather than just helping you put products online)
  •         Its impressive list of built-in features

Does BigCommerce Have Drawbacks?

Online reviews don’t have much criticism to give BigCommerce. One listed “con” is that the terminology BigCommerce uses can be complex, and therefore can be somewhat inaccessible to some who are new to the platform. The other downside is that as features become more advanced, ease of use decreases (which is true of many things in life).

While no complaints should be dismissed or ignored, these two are thankfully easy to address. As your BigCommerce Partner, Guidance can lead you through any troubles you encounter with BigCommerce or the other services we recommend.


Does It Work?

BigCommerce works with both small businesses looking to expand and large corporations that are already well known to consumers. Small businesses that use BigCommerce reportedly see an average yearly growth rate of 28 percent!


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As one of the leading commerce service providers in the industry, Guidance is uniquely poised to help your business find much-needed solutions and reach more customers. Give us a call today to discuss your expectations for your business and how we can help you meet and exceed them. As an experienced Los Angeles, CA BigCommerce partner, we’re eager to meet your company’s needs, whatever the state of your ecommerce strategy may be currently; we look forward to speaking with you.