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As ecommerce experts with extensive experience working with a wide variety of platforms, Guidance can take your BigCommerce design, development and marketing experience to the next level.

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Clients Trust Guidance to Build on BigCommerce


25 Years of Experience

Guidance has been innovating word-class eCommerce for over 25 years leveraging the experience of over 1000+ site builds and integrations.


Unrivaled Integrations

As a team that knows your BigCommerce development needs, the BigCommerce experts at Guidance have helped many clients integrate their work flawlessly into their BigCommerce site.


Custom Design

Our BigCommerce custom designs are industry-leading. While listening to your business’s needs and bringing your ideas to life, we’ll design your template and theme on the new Bigcommerce Stencil framework quickly and easily.


Flawless Data Migration

At Guidance, we support several ways to migrate your data, ranging from our self-service catalog transfer apps to completely managed transfers through BigCommerce’s Data Migration Services team.


Ongoing Maintenance and Upgrades

Our team of BigCommerce experts leverage the latest features and tech to bring you the best in support and ability to upgrade to the latest version of BigCommerce quickly and easily.


Conversion Focused

Digital marketing on BigCommerce is an essential part of the ecommerce equation. Our Digital marketing experts at Guidance can help your BigCommerce store rank with the best in the industry.

Guidance Makes All The Difference

BigCommerce help is a call away

Guidance is a customer-centric ecommerce service provider committed to growth-oriented manufacturers and merchants in both B2C and B2B industries. We offer premium, innovative solutions for online store optimization, multichannel retail marketing strategies, mobile website development, customer experience, design, and complex system integration.


With more than two decades of experience in the development space, we live and breathe ecommerce. The seasoned team at Guidance knows the ins and outs of online shopping, consumerism, and selling products in the ever-evolving digital realm. Our expert solutions have helped startups, mid-market enterprises, and retail veterans expand their online stores, grow their brands, and flourish in highly competitive markets.


Guidance partners with some of the top ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce to help our clients reach their fullest potential. Find answers below to frequently asked questions about what our BigCommerce development agency can do for you.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients



Guidance deployed a B2C solution to help Fitbit capture global market share and engage a new health and fitness audience.

  • Headless Commerce

    Guidance delivered one of the most sophisticated BigCommerce headless commerce implementations.

  • Global Solution

    A new global cart and checkout experience for over 20 different countries and the consumers they serve.

Farmer Boy

Guidance redesigned and replatformed Farmer Boy’s website to create a best-in-class ecommerce solution for the livestock farming community.

  • Website Replatforming

    Farmer Boy needed an ecommerce platform capable of providing hybrid B2B and B2C functionality with full long-term scalability.

  • Full Redesign

    Every single part of the business has been reworked down to the SKU level to bring a new class of ecommerce business.

Farmer Boy


While the Fitbit Eng team … reviewed their successes, someone mentioned how valuable [Guidance’s] contributions were leading up to the North American release. They were grateful for how [Guidance] helped with workarounds like setting up a test page to allow for testing parts of the workflow while other parts are being completed. Thank you for all that you did.

Laura Rosen


[Guidance] have been awesome on support, supporting us all the way through...I really appreciate that, it means a lot to me and Farmer Boy.

Jeremy Martin

Farmer Boy

Big round of applause from my support team for this one. Working great. Big thanks!

HeartMath Team

Fantastic. Congrats to everyone at Guidance, Fitbit, and BigCommerce who made this possible!

Brent Bellm, CEO


The depth of expertise provided by the team at Guidance is impressive. They didn’t just develop a website for us, they worked with us to focus our ecommerce strategy applying their knowledge of best practices and standards.

Alfredo Chavez

Santa Monica Seafood

Frequently Asked Questions

How can BigCommerce be leveraged for your ecommerce business?
  • Creating an ecommerce store might seem as simple as setting up a website for your online business and listing products for sale. However, if you want to stand out from your competitors, attract and retain customers, and scale growth, you'll need a sophisticated ecommerce platform like BigCommerce.

  • BigCommerce is an impressive SaaS (software as a service) company with tons of capabilities. Your ecommerce business can leverage the platform in a number of ways. An experienced BigCommerce developer such as Guidance can utilize it to make your site more mobile-friendly and user-friendly, syndicate your products to drive more traffic to your site, implement various payment gateways, sync with major shipping providers, and set you up to sell products on multiple websites, like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.
What is the main benefit of the BigCommerce ecommerce platform?
  • The primary advantage of using the BigCommerce platform is the ability to develop and optimize your ecommerce website to its utmost potential. This means creating a competitive customer experience, a top-tier mobile site, streamlined inventory, and smooth checkout pages to keep people on your site and encourage them to return.

  • Ultimately, online merchants that use BigCommerce’s web design services benefit from expanded brand awareness, a boost in revenue, and continual growth.
What kind of companies choose BigCommerce as their ecommerce platform?
  • Merchants and merchandisers of all sizes choose BigCommerce as their ecommerce platform, including B2B, B2C, and D2C (direct-to-consumer) businesses. So, if you run a small company, don't let the "Big" in BigCommerce deter you. Modestly sized businesses using the ecommerce solution reportedly see an average yearly growth rate of 28 percent.

  • Whether you're a startup, small supplier, mid-market company, or a large corporation, you'll be able to benefit from the wide range of web design features and capabilities. The platform is compatible with all types of ecommerce websites and online stores looking to expand their reach, including those with brick-and-mortar components. Not only that, but virtually all industries can benefit from the BigCommerce platform.
Why do big brands use BigCommerce?
  • In the ever-changing world of ecommerce, large merchandisers need innovative solutions to scale growth, remain a household name, and compete in their industry. In other words, big brands want to stay big, and BigCommerce is a key component of ensuring continued success.

  • Some of the most prominent corporations that utilize the platform include Toyota, Pepsi, Old Spice, Clarks, Camelbak, Hush Puppies, Gillette, and Ivory. The Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Utah Jazz also use BigCommerce for their online stores to sell team-branded apparel and merchandise.

  • Drawing from our own portfolio, Guidance helped Fitbit by deploying an optimized cart and checkout experience with a solution that supports 44 languages across more than 20 countries and 14 different currencies. Our BigCommerce development agency helped the brand capture more of a global market share while engaging with a broader audience.
Why is it important to work with BigCommerce developers?
  • As we mentioned, setting up an ecommerce store with BigCommerce Website Development might seem like it's as easy as signing up for an account. However, the platform is relatively complex, and building an optimized online requires substantial planning, strategy, and customization, which is why we recommend working with an expert BigCommerce developer.

  • A BigCommerce partner like Guidance has the knowledge, training, and experience to help merchants make the most of the exhaustive list of customization features and cutting-edge capabilities. If you run a business and are looking to build your online presence or create a premium online store, we're here to assist.
How does BigCommerce's cost compare to other ecommerce platforms?
  • BigCommerce is priced reasonably compared to other ecommerce platforms. The platform's Standard, Plus, and Pro plans are right on par with Shopify's tiered plans. Overall, BigCommerce is priced lower than Magento and higher than Wix.

  • While there are many online commerce builder services available, Guidance recommends leveraging a major player with extensive built-in features, such as BigCommerce, Wix, Shopify, or Magento. The right platform for your business depends on a variety of factors, and we'd be happy to do an assessment to help you determine which ecommerce solution to use.
How can a BigCommerce development agency help your company?
  • Working with an experienced BigCommerce developer such as Guidance can be enormously beneficial for your company in many ways. For one, we know how to expertly integrate the software into mobile-friendly websites. Since the majority of web browsing and shopping is performed on mobile devices, this is essential.

  • Additionally, we can help you sell your products on various commerce sites, including eBay and Amazon, and even social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Our BigCommerce agency can assist with product syndication as well, connecting your website with other shopping feeds such as Google Store and Shopzilla.

  • Our seasoned BigCommerce developers can also integrate customer service, payment processing, and logistical capabilities. This includes inventory management, returns, exchanges, shipping, and payment gateways.

  • Most importantly, we'll build a user-friendly site for your business using the BigCommerce platform, helping you create an online space that's enticing and functional so that your customers have a positive experience every time.
What kind of support does BigCommerce include?
  • When it comes to finding the right agency and platform, you want to know you can get help when you need it. BigCommerce's support center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone, email, or chat. But the platform offers much more than customer support.

  • When you use the platform, you'll have access to highly trained tech experts who can assist with anything related to selling products and scaling your business. This includes solutions for boosting conversions, payments and shipping, software integration, and enhancing your customers' shopping experience.

  • Additionally, BigCommerce's help center is chock full of useful resources for managing and troubleshooting your store. There are hundreds of videos and articles available, as well as an active community of more than 20,000 BigCommerce merchants, developers, and partners.
How does a BigCommerce agency help solve issues?
  • Working with a certified BigCommerce partner like Guidance can give you additional peace of mind. If you're already using the platform for your online store and are running into any obstacles, our BigCommerce developer team can evaluate your website and develop a plan to address these setbacks.

  • Furthermore, if any issues arise after we've developed your ecommerce site, the Guidance team is always here to help solve them. As a dedicated BigCommerce developer, we want your online business to thrive as much as you do, and we'll go above and beyond to set you up for ongoing success.
How do I find a reliable BigCommerce web developer?
  • Seasoned BigCommerce partners know all the features and complexities of using the platform. If you're looking for a reliable BigCommerce web developer, you've come to the right place.

  • Guidance is an industry-leading ecommerce developer with substantial experience leveraging BigCommerce's software. Our reputable agency is uniquely poised to help your company find and implement critical solutions to reach more customers, optimize digital marketing dollars, establish brand awareness, sell more products, and secure your bottom line in a continuously evolving online space.

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Guidance can help you increase conversions and revenue by ensuring your site is always performing at optimal speed with our BigCommerce website development services.

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