BigCommerce Ecommerce Partner


If you need help assessing whether your website could be improved to increase revenue, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Guidance, a BigCommerce Ecommerce Partner. We understand how important your business is to you, and can provide various strategies and tools so that you can reach your revenue goals. We can run tests to evaluate user experience and then offer suggestions on how to get more customers into your online check-out bin. Here we discuss further the main ways that you can increase revenue from your business website: 


Review Your Customer’s Journey

After running some analytics, we can tell you at what point your visitors tend to leave their purchase sitting and leave to another website. By taking a closer look at data, we can identify specific areas that could be dissuading potential customers from finalizing their purchase. Perhaps your call-to-action can be stronger, or the customer’s journey from products to check out is too long or complicated. Until a representative at Guidance, a dependable BigCommerce Ecommerce Partner, can run some tests, it can be difficult to figure out on your own where improvements can be made. 


Identify Who is Visiting Your Website

Another big factor in your website revenue is if the visitors that are actually finding your page. If you are using SEO to reel in customers, then the type of visitors will be dependent on keywords used in the search engine. Perhaps the keywords you are relying on aren’t most applicable for your company, leading to the wrong people landing on your pages who aren’t interested in purchasing what you are selling. The goal of a search SEO campaign isn’t to increase traffic to your pages necessarily, but to drive more visitors who are going to be potential customers. 


Encouraging Repeat Visits

Do you know if your website encourages visitors to come back again? Returning customers are free, so you can increase your profit with each customer if they keep coming back for more products or services. In this small but impactful way, you can enhance the earning potential via repeat visits. By writing a blog or providing industry news, it can encourage people to come back more often to check out what’s new. If you would like to know more about our strategies for getting people to make repeat visits, then contact our BigCommerce Ecommerce Partner representatives at Guidance for assistance. 


Count The Number of Clicks

How many clicks does a customer have to do before they complete their purchase? Guess what, the less clicks, the better! With less hoops to jump through, this minimizes your chances that the customer will get impatient or confused and just move on. By streamlining the purchasing process with less clicks, it can drive more revenue faster. Every click that your customer has to make is like a barrier between them and their purchase. At Guidance, a BigCommerce Ecommerce Partner you can depend on, we know that the goal is to get your customers to make a buy before they get bored or lose interest because the process is too complicated. 


We understand that revenue is the top priority for most companies. We have an array of bigcommerce website development strategies to help not only increase profit, but keep happy customers coming back to your website for more products or services. Please contact Guidance today to find out more about how as a BigCommerce Ecommerce Partner, we can be of support to your business!