BigCommerce Agency Solution

At Guidance, we can provide BigCommerce Agency Solutions to keep your business running and sales up. Revenue that increases overtime is a strong indicator of a healthy business. By consulting with us about marketing strategies and website development, we can help get your company where it wants to go profit-wise. If you are a business owner whose priority is to generate more revenue, then we are a BigCommerce Agency Solution partner you will surely want to have! Here we have outlined just a few tips and things to think about when increasing your business revenue: 


Determine/Re-Evaluate Your Goals

You will need a clear business strategy or mission that aligns with your profit goals. You must identify what success looks like for you, and then create the steps to get yourself there. Sometimes when we are stuck, we have to pause and start from the first step. There’s nothing wrong with re-evaluating your business goals if something isn’t working, it means that you are willing to face the problem and find ways to fix it. Once you have outlined your business goals, we can provide BigCommerce Agency Solutions and strategies to get you there.

Don’t Underestimate Repeat Customers

So much money is used on trying to reel in more visitors and potential customers. However, never underestimate the impact that repeat customers and strategic bigcommerce website development can have for your business. If they purchased your product or services once and were happy with it, then chances are they will come back again! Your business can see a quick jump in revenue simply by cross-selling or upselling the customers you already have. This can be so much more cost effective for you, while also strengthening your connection with customers who already believe in what you’re selling. 


Add Complimentary Products and/or Services

If you bundle complimentary services and/or products, it can lead to sales increase without causing you much in extra overhead costs. When people hear the word “bundling”, they often think of the word “savings”. And, customers love savings! Even if the saving is actually nominal for the customer, they’ll still appeal to the deal and it will be a cost-efficient sale for you. If you aren’t sure what complementary products or services you can offer, our BigCommerce Agency Solutions can give you the insight you need.

Reviewing Pricing Strategy

As you may already know as a business owner, price is such a crucial factor for your business success. Suddenly increasing your prices can surely generate more revenue, but only when it doesn’t negatively impact your overall sales. The last thing you want is to dissuade customers who hop onto your website and see a dramatic price increase.

At Guidance, we can compare your prices to competitor’s and see how your product stacks up against theirs. With this assessment, we can determine whether your prices are in the best position possible based on the marketplace. Instead of increasing prices dramatically, consider raising them little by little overtime. A small price jump may not lead to the revenue you want right away, but if you consider the long term impact it’ll have without dissuading customers, it’ll sure be worth the wait!

If you’d like to know more about BigCommerce Agency Solutions, then contact Guidance today to speak with a friendly customer service representative!