City Chic



The leading Australian-based retailer of modern, on-trend plus-size clothing, wanted to expand into the U.S. market and required an entrance strategy, beginning with the creation of a website that would cater exclusively to the U.S. audience. 


Guidance creative effectively communicated the brand, engaged customers through the creation of a blog, and provided email-marketing services to launch and promote the company in the United States.

The site was custom developed on the Magento Enterprise platform and included product configurators, “you might also like” recommendations (cross-selling modules), ratings & reviews, product tagging, shopping cart preview overlay and single-page checkout. 

Lastly, Guidance integrated the web site with Notions Marketing (fulfillment), (eCommerce hub) virtual mall, SLI, Facebook, WordPress and GeoSniffer (location-based URL redirect). 


  • Based on the users’ IP location, the site routes Australian and New Zealand visitors to, while other visitors stay on