Creating a website with help from an e-commerce website development company is all about putting your client’s preferences first, so they can get what they need quickly. At Guidance, we understand that as a business owner it is important to make your website as user-friendly as possible, so a customer can add items to their cart, checkout, and then await the delivery at their door. The more simple your e-commerce website, the more likely you are to see significant profit. 


Here are five tips to implement to help your e-commerce business be successful:


#1 Simple Navigation

When it comes to navigation, now is not the time to be creative and unique. Keep your navigation simple, clear, and straight to the point. Don’t create a navigation menu that is confusing or causes your customer to guess at what you mean. Additionally, keep the menu at the top left section of the page as this is where most people expect the navigation bar to be. Our LA e-commerce website development company can give you examples of simple navigation for you to implement on your business website. 


#2 Add a Search Bar

Some e-commerce business owners may be hesitant to add a search bar to their website. However, if you have more products than what fits in a single view page, it is imperative that you add a search bar. If a customer can’t find what they need quickly, they may resort to the search bar. Then if you don’t have one, you may have just lost out on a purchase. Our e-commerce website development company can help you decide whether a search bar is not only useful, but necessary.


#3 Strategically Place Social Media Icons

Most e-commerce business owners are likely to agree that they prefer their customers to make a purchase, instead of getting distracted and clicking on their social media icon. If this is true for your business, move social media icons to the footer so the customer can connect you on a certain platform if they so wish, yet it doesn’t take away from a purchase. 


#4 Don’t Use Sliders or Carousels

Displaying your products through a slider or carousel can make it more difficult for the customer to see what products available. If a visitor sees a product flash by and is interested, they will have to wait however many seconds or minutes before it pops back up again. Then, they will have to click it for more information before it passes again. There are too many opportunities for a customer to get impatient and move on. If you are having trouble deciding how your products should be displayed on your website, our e-commerce website development company based in LA can provide solutions. Other negatives to having sliders or carousels include: 


  • The customer may not remember the product they saw
  • The product may advance too fast, before the customer has a chance to click on the image for more information
  • The ability for customers to compare products is taken away


#5 Only Use Quality Photography

If you need to, invest in quality photography for your website products. Beautiful and sharp images attract more attention and can better represent the brand as having reliable products. At Guidance, we believe that the higher quality the images are, the more products can sell. Customers who visit a website with poor quality images may worry that the products aren’t made of value. 


Business owners who are interested in creating a new website or want to ramp up their current online platform, can get the support they need from our e-commerce website development company.