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The Information Architecture and User Experience phase is critical to the success of any Web project. Traditional methodologies for this phase have typically required multiple meetings, antiquated paper-based wireframes, and an endless back-and-forth of approval sessions between the client and the Web design firm.

Not anymore.

Guidance has recently updated its Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) methodology to accommodate a brand new technology for rapid interactive prototyping called Axure. This ground-breaking technology allows our IA and UX professionals like me to create a clickable set of wireframes for the entire website in just a matter of minutes -- a process that would have previously taken hours. Even better, Axure provides for real-time creation and editing of womps (wireframe comps), allowing us to quickly implement business rules and decide on desired functionality with the client (either on the phone or a face-to-face meeting), while walking through website navigation, user paths and overall experience of the site to be. This ensures all exceptions and special cases are captured and documented at the right time.

Upon completion of the initial meeting, Guidance delivers an HTML-based prototype to the client, which they can review and share with their colleagues worldwide, as it is hosted online. Guidance also publishes a complete and detailed specifications document which enables database administrators and developers to get a head start on the project’s development. Guidance then meets with the client one last time (or as many as required) to finalize business rules and functionality, until the site is completed. However, during development, website specifications and functionality can be easily updated and republished for further review.

This process provides a truly collaborative opportunity to thoroughly develop the vision for the site as well as a reassurance that no detail has been missed. And best of all, our clients love it!

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Brett F.

Written by Guidance
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