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by Jaewon Y.

This past weekend, I celebrated the 4th of July (and my 16th birthday) with typical high-schooler stuff -- swimming, barbeque and hanging out with friends.  Then, on Monday, I found myself in a meeting with a Guidance project manager discussing how to land a deal with a client.  So far, this has been a very fun and interesting summer.

My second week as a summer intern here at Guidance has flown by.  I’m getting broad exposure into the inner workings of the company by attending meetings, speaking with my coworkers, and generally observing how things work in a big company.  One of the meetings I attended this week was a project manager peer review session.  It was interesting to see how the project managers worked together even though they were working on different projects.  

I’m also getting the chance to work on some fun projects.  I’m currently working with the Guidance marketing team on updating some of Guidance’s social media feeds by uploading new images.  I learned that Guidance keeps images of all of the websites it builds for clients on Pinterest.  This is a great way for clients to get an understanding for the range of projects Guidance has completed.  It was really cool to see the variety of designs and solutions that we’ve come up with!

I’m taking this opportunity to learn as much as I can about what makes Guidance run.  For example, when helping the accounting team organize invoices, I try to understand what the invoices are for.  One thing I learned this week is how Guidance uses off-shore developers to help speed up projects as well as keep costs down for clients.  

One of the highlights of week 2 was getting to shadow a project manager for a couple of days.  I was able to listen to conversations with clients and attend meetings with developers.  I was impressed with the manager’s ability to handle multiple projects while still knowing the details of each separate project.

Guidance is a great place to work.  I feel extremely lucky to have this opportunity to participate in the inner workings of this awesome company, and look forward to week 3!




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