Feeling "Gilt-ii" About Buying That New Purse?

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The new Gilt-ii (pronounced "guilty") plug-in for Gilt.com members is a clever idea - one worth checking out. Here is how it works and why it's worth noting:

Using the plug-in, you add items to your cart for, let's say, 10 minutes. While they are in your cart, they are not directly available to other buyers. So quantities typically run out, and some buyers are out of luck.


But during those 10 minutes while the item is in YOUR cart, you can auction it off to other buyers, right from your cart. You can even make a premium if other buyer bid it up.

I understand the plug-in works on a few other sites, other than Gilt.com.

For the rest of us in the eCommerce space, the idea of auctioning items in a cart during a flash sale with high demand and limited quantities offers a neat alternative to, "Sorry, all items are sold out!"

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