BigCommerce Website Development

Deciding that you want to launch your very own business and sell products or services online, means that you may need help with BigCommerce Website Development from Guidance. It can make a big difference in how soon you see success and lasting results if you have a team of people to offer advice and support. Here at Guidance, we know just how important your business is to you, and we have the insight that can make your business soar past heights you never thought possible.

Creating a store online through BigCommerce Website Development can seem as easy as signing up for an account and then listing products for sale. However, much more planning must go into building an online commerce website.

When consulting with you about BigCommerce Web Development, we may provide the following advice:


Confirm there’s a market for your product. Before you go through the hoops of having products made and opening an online store, you have to confirm that there is an actual market for the things you want to sell (whether it be a tangible product and/or service). At Guidance, we can help you do research first so you feel confident that there will be sales when you post what you are selling online.

Do a smaller trial run before going big. Before you launch the entire store, try posting just a few potential products through a BigCommerce Website Development platform to see if consumers catch onto them. This can give you an idea of what might sell and what you will have more difficulty getting into the hands of consumers.

Don’t buy more than you think you can sell. Early on in your business career, even as it’s still growing, you don’t want to purchase more product than you can reasonably sell overtime. While buying in bulk may seem like it’ll save you money, you may get stuck with a ton of product that just won’t move, especially if the market changes abruptly.

Open a storefront after trying out online selling. If you are considering renting a storefront to showcase your products, you can test them out online first with BigCommerce Website Development. In this way, you won’t have to commit to a potentially long commercial business rental contract and then realize that your products just aren’t moving in the way you had hoped.

Figure out a model of pricing that works. At Guidance, we know that the topic of money can be a sensitive and complicated one. But remember that we are always here to help if you aren’t sure if your pricing model is working for your business. After doing some calculations and looking into the market for your product and/or services, we can also evaluate whether your prices are about what they should be compared to your competition. 


If you are a business owner who wants to build their online presence or needs other support getting your name out there, we are here to help. Contact Guidance today for more information about BigCommerce Website Development!