Creative Audit

Clients approach Guidance with different degrees of creative needs. Some want brand positioning, a new logo and a complete redesign of all visual elements. Others need a modest “refresh” in order to stay competitive. And some aren’t sure quite where to start.

For these clients, we suggest a thorough Creative Audit of the existing site. Once we get the green light, Guidance pulls in a seasoned:

  • Creative Director
  • User Experience Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Content Strategist

The team takes a deep dive and examines all facets of the current creative experience. From there, we deliver detailed recommendations about where the site could be improved. Please note that at this stage, we’re not doing the actual work – just showing clients where they can achieve quick wins and outlining a plan for long-term improvements.

What We Offer

  • A prioritized list of what should be addressed
  • Screenshots with arrows that show exactly what we’re referring to
  • Explanations of current best practices
  • Links to outside resources and research that support our recommendations
  • Information about how these elements impact the overall brand
  • A comprehensive walk-through of the findings so we can answer questions and discuss next steps.

Clients can then make a decision about how they’d like to proceed. The majority choose to engage our creative team, knowing they’ll take a meticulous, user-centric approach to the work.

Making technical improvements and updates to a site often requires touching every page – especially when it’s a re-platforming effort. While we’re there, it’s wise to review the creative strategy and address usability, design and copy issues. The result is a more appealing, intuitive site that encourages cart lift and conversion rates through strong creative and impeccable technical design.

Sound like a plan? Contact us to get your Creative Audit started.