New Relic

New Relic is a leading digital intelligence company, delivering full-stack visibility and analytics with more than 14,000 paid business accounts. The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform provides actionable insights to drive digital business results. Companies of all sizes trust New Relic to monitor application and infrastructure performance so they can quickly resolve issues, and improve digital customer experiences. 

Our Mission is to be the first, best place to look to understand your digital business. 

New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform

Powered by the real-time analytics of New Relic Insights and built on a scalable cloud platform, the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform delivers powerful performance monitoring and alerts so you have full-stack visibility into:

  • Customer Experience: Get a single, shared view of the customer across multiple interactions, channels, and products. (New Relic Browser, New Relic Mobile, New Relic Synthetics)
  • Application: Build, deploy, and maintain great software with detatiled performance metrics for every aspect of your environment. (New Relic APM)
  • Infrastructure: Correlate health metrics with recent config changes so you can troubleshoot, scale, and deploy rapidly. (New Relic Infrastructure)

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