Reach your business’s full digital commerce potential with Guidance. As a Magento solution partner, we help clients maximize their ecommerce success so that whether you need B2B solutions, B2C solutions, or both, you will see clear results. We leverage our experience as a Magento partner to help you transform your ecommerce site, optimize the buyer experience, and experience measurable growth. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your business website needs, please call a team member at Guidance today.


Why Choose Guidance as Your Magento Solution Partner?

Our partnership with Magento makes your job easier. As a Magento development agency, 

Guidance helps create the ultimate user experience so you can reach more customers and boost sales. While pictures and catchy posts may attract some users, this is not enough when it comes to getting people to buy your product. With Magento, you can integrate your social networking sites and your product catalog to optimize your business’s growth. By being a Magento partner, we help you:


  • Nurture and grow your brand affinity
  • Retain customers and attract new ones
  • Customize your website with ease
  • Extract data that allows us to target specific customers
  • Create a meaningful customer experience

Magento Partner Services

Magento Development

Our team of experienced Magento developers works to understand your brand and business goals to build a site that meets your voice and reaches your customers. We are well-versed in the tools and strategies necessary to develop your new Magento store while maximizing the customer experience. 

Magento Migration

Switching to a new site can be tedious. The convenience of a Magento migration allows you to hit the ground running with your new site and new capabilities. Magento assists in reviewing your current site’s extensions, assessing your new site, and building your new store. As an experienced Magento development agency, we handle it so you don’t have to.

Magento Integration 

Take comfort in knowing that nothing is lost when you switch to your new platform with a Magento development agency. Our total understanding of the platform allows us to integrate your product catalog, social media platforms, and all of your customer management tools so your operations continue to run seamlessly.

Partnering With Magento 

At Guidance, we believe in utilizing every available tool that can make our clients’ businesses thrive. To do this, we partner with Magento. For over 25 years, we have been serving different manufacturers, brands, and distributors to give a multitude of successful commerce solutions in different types of business, such as beauty, apparel, home furnishings, and more. When you are the leader in your business, you don’t have the time to develop a website, especially a website that must meet the exact needs of your business - that’s why our development team is here to help.

What It Means to be a Magento 2 Partner

.As a longtime Magento Gold Solution Partner, Guidance was a natural choice to beta-test the next-generation platform ahead of its general release. Our documented expertise allowed us to be the first commerce service provider to launch Magento 2 in North America. As a result, our client,, was thrilled with their scalable new site and speed to market.Since then, we have continued our success by helping dozens of clients migrate to the features of Magento 2.


Create Tailored Solutions With Our Magento 2 Trained Developers 

Guidance Magento 2 trained developers are among a handful of early adopters who’ve:


  • Mastered the new Magento 2 architecture and framework
  • Helped Magento identify bugs and solved them
  • Contributed to the maturity of the platform


If the idea of re-platforming makes you nervous, don’t worry. We’ve already tested the migration tool and used it to successfully launch using Magento 2! Guidance’s certified developers have valuable hands-on experience, and we’re happy to use that experience to guide you and your team.


Guidance is widely recognized for high-quality Magento implementations and tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique business needs. We’re well equipped to manage the complexity of adding customization and enhancements to Magento 2. We’ll also provide a team of experts to manage key elements of your project and deliver outstanding results. 

Check out our Magento 2 case study for yourself, and see how we successfully re-platformed’s website to Magento 2 within 90 days.


Partner with a Trusted Magento Development Agency

When you work with our team, you are choosing experienced website developers who have undergone extensive training to master Magento Commerce. Developing a personalized and effective website can be challenging. You can trust us to take your website to the next level without complicating or disrupting your systems.


As a longtime Magento partner, we can help you maximize your e-commerce potential and blow away the competition with the help of seamless integrations, simple navigation, and strategic design. When all is said and done, you create loyal customers and enjoy increased sales. Call us today to see how we can help propel your brand.