At Guidance, we help our clients run their websites efficiently with Magento Commerce Cloud. Magento Commerce Cloud is a platform on the Magento Commerce Software but comes with different features and capabilities, all intended to make your website even more unique and targeted to your customers. When our team of Magento website development experts can help you develop the website you have always wanted for your business, it can help you to have an even better relationship with your customers. While the on-premise Magento Commerce can provide your business with many features that can make it stand out, Magento Commerce Cloud offers even more capabilities that you may find attractive. If you are interested in seeing how we utilize this to expand and grow your business, call us now. 


Why We Use Magento Commerce Cloud For Your Website

Magento Commerce Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services, making it affordable and reliable. Because it is on the Cloud, it is also much more customizable when it comes to your website, which gives you the unique opportunity to create specific and individualized customer experiences for each person who visits your website. There are many benefits when it comes to using Magento Commerce Cloud for your website, and at Guidance, we care about using products and platforms that can benefit you the most. When you start with a platform that is as customizable as Magento Commerce Cloud, it can make your business more successful. 


The Benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud

There are many benefits to using Magento Commerce Cloud for your company’s website development. 


  • Engage Your Shoppers. Any business owner knows that engaging your shoppers is one of the most important things you can do. If you aren’t successful at this, you won’t expect them to keep coming back for more. With Magento Commerce Cloud, you can more effectively tailor your customers’ shopping experiences to directly benefit them.
  • Quickly Get to Market. No matter what business scenario you are in, whether it’s B2B, B2C, or a hybrid, we can help you get to market even quicker than before.
  • Design the Website You Want. Customers come back to websites that stand out, not websites that fit the mold of other online shopping markets. When we utilize Magento Commerce Cloud, we are working with a huge array of marketplace extensions to give you the website you have always wanted. This makes it easy to use, customizable, feature-rich, and it makes managing orders quicker and more efficient. 


We care about our clients’ needs, and because you need to tailor your product to your customers, we also need to tailor what we use when we help your business. This is why we use Magento Commerce Cloud to help your business stand out in a cut-throat online shopping environment. If you would like to work with us today and see how we can use Magento Commerce Cloud to grow your business, call us now.