Check the box on sales and use tax with Avalara.

It’s easy. It’s done. It’s right.

There’s nothing simple about sales and use tax. Every step matters: calculating rates, filing returns, maintaining exemption certificates, keeping up with changing rates, and product taxability rules. And the more you grow, the more you owe. You need to be focused on your business, not on sales tax. So offload it to us. Avalara’s tax automation software is the fastest, most reliable way to accurately calculate, validate, and remit sales and use tax. Our tax solutions are used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide to complete millions of transactions every single day. Compliance doesn’t get better or easier than this. [If you have room for more please include the below; if not, that’s okay too.]
Avalara AvaTax: No more wasting time downloading rate tables and deciphering tax codes.
  • Real time rates and rules for 12,000 tax jurisdictions.
  • Built-in address verification and geolocation guarantees accuracy.
  • SKU-level taxability for millions of products and services.
Avalara CertCapture: Never lose track of valuable tax documentation again.
  • Easily track, manage, and justify non-taxable transactions
  • Collect, validate, store, and update exemption certificates electronically.
  • Minimize audit exposure
Avalara TrustFile: Say goodbye to incomplete forms and missed deadlines.
  • Keep track of filing dates and schedules.
  • Remit payments using a single solution.
  • E-file or mail paper returns with ease.