When you would like to reach your full digital commerce potential with your business, you should call the team at Guidance to see how we partner with Magento to do this. We use Magento to help our clients with their online business, so that whatever scenario you are in—B2B, B2C, or a hybrid—you will be successful. To make your business successful, we have become a Magento partner that can help with different Commerce projects, such as support, implementation, and even merchandising. Below, we’ll discuss more about being a Magento partner. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your business website needs, please call a team member at Guidance today. 


Partnering With Magento 

At Guidance, we believe in utilizing every available tool that can make our clients’ businesses thrive. To do this, we partner with Magento. For over 25 years, we have been serving different manufacturers, brands, and distributors to give a multitude of successful commerce solutions in different types of business, such as beauty, apparel, home furnishings, and more. When you are the leader in your business, you don’t have the time to develop a website, especially a website that must meet the exact needs of your business. However, our development team partners with Magento to do this for you. 


How does being a Magento partner help you?

Believe it or not, our relationship with Magento can directly benefit you and your business. For example, it can lead to increased sales. By being a Magento partner, we can create the ultimate user experience. While pictures and catchy posts may attract some users, this is not enough when it comes to marketing your product and getting people to buy your product. In fact, when we use Magento, we can integrate your social networking sites and your product catalog allowing you to optimize your business’ growth. By being a Magento partner, we are able to help you:


  • Nurture and grow your brand affinity
  • Retain customers and attract new ones
  • Customize your website with ease
  • Extract data that allows us to target specific customers
  • Create a meaningful customer experience


When you work with our team, you are not only getting our website developers, but you are getting people who have become Magento partners and mastered Magento Commerce, allowing us to take your website to the next level. When you are unable to develop your website, you want to leave it in the hands of people you can fully trust. That is why we are a Magento partner, and that is why you should partner with us. We believe in reaching your full commerce potential and blowing away the competition. When users visit your website, they can get a unique user experience and move around your website with ease, encouraging them to buy your product and become loyal customers. To see how else we can help you as a Magento partner, call us now.