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As an established Magento web development agency, Guidance understands the complexities of designing visually engaging and functionally dynamic ecommerce websites.

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Guidance is a Trusted Leader in Magento Website Development


25 Years of Experience

Guidance has been innovating world-class ecommerce for over 25 years leveraging the experience of over 1000+ site builds and integrations.

Expert UX and Design

Expert UX and Design

We marry our extensive creative and technical process to give you the best in UX and design for your Magento website.


Technical Expertise

Gain robust functionality of your ecommerce store and a catalog of management tools using Guidance to build your Magento site.


Increased Sales

With your website's conversion goals always top of mind, you can count on Guidance to integrate your product catalog into all your existing channels.


Complex Integrations

Guidance skillfully integrates and synchronizes Magento with your CRM, ERP, PIM and much more.


Digital Marketing Focused

Our clients look to Guidance to help them reach their full digital ecommerce potential for future scalability.

The Guidance Difference

Guidance Difference

Guidance is an ecommerce service provider with over 25 years of experience helping growth-oriented B2C and B2B enterprises enhance their platforms and create stellar online experiences. Mid-market merchants and manufacturers come to us for assistance with website optimization, multichannel retail strategies, improving customer experience, and complex system integration.

We partner with ecommerce platforms like Magento to provide our customers with the best solutions for their brands. Find answers to frequently asked questions about Magento below.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients


City Chic

Guidance replatformed four ecommerce sites for City Chic and upgraded a fifth to prepare them for a new decade of growth.

  • Global Ecommerce

    Guidance built an ecommerce solution that is spread across 4 different continents.

  • Unified Platform

    Guidance unified five different ecommerce sites under the umbrella of a single Magento instance.

Aspen Medical

Guidance redesigned and replatformed Aspen Medical's website for direct ecommerce sales to health care providers.

  • Increased Sales

    Since the launch of the site, Aspen has been able to transition half of their offline sales to their online B2B sales channel.

  • Design Best Practices

    The new B2B website redesign drew from B2C best practices for educational content and product taxonomies.



Guidance has transformed our business by bringing digital B2B into the forefront of our customer experience.

Jen Maas

Aspen Medical Products

I am personally vested in making sure it makes it into the more modern clean systems - and I want to be a part of celebrating that success with everyone, because it’s a huge transition for our company - and that the president of magazines will love everything when it’s set.

Jennifer McAuliffe


Guidance played the lead role in designing and building out our site on Magento 2. We needed a partner who had an in-depth understanding of Magento so we could seamlessly integrate new versions of the platform. Our partnership with Guidance has netted great results.

Jeanie Peterson


We want to make our customers’ buying experience as convenient as possible. Instead of having to contact a salesperson during office hours, our .com offers 24-hour access, instant shipping estimates, and credit card checkout.

Kent Dawson

Baker Hughes

As our trusted partner, Guidance helped us create an enhanced eCommerce platform ready to meet our future omni-channel requirements. With the new, we are in a better position to market to and satisfy our customers’ ever-changing shopping preferences.

Mary C. Donahue

Gearys Beverly Hills

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Magento be leveraged for your ecommerce business?
  • There are a handful of ways your company can leverage Magento development services. For one, our Magento agency can build a user-friendly and mobile-friendly ecommerce website for your business.

  • Our certified web developers can also optimize your site's checkout experience with multiple payment options, set up an orders archive, create an FAQ page, implement product review incentives, and set up personalized promotions based on your customers' account info and purchase history.
What is the main benefit of the Magento ecommerce platform?
The primary benefit of Magento website development is creating a better user experience (UX) that ultimately leads to a boost in online sales. An optimized UX comes down to design, and the Magento platform provides your brand with the latest, most innovative capabilities and features for creating the best possible experience for the customers shopping your ecommerce store.
What kind of companies choose Magento as their ecommerce platform?
  • Magento is one of the top ecommerce platform choices for merchants worldwide, accounting for about 10% of all online stores. B2C and B2B companies from virtually everywhere use the platform, including some of the largest, most prominent brands, as well as small businesses and startups.

  • In some cases, smaller merchants may not fully grasp the value Magento's layout and features can provide their business. Opting for a platform with more rudimentary capabilities can make it harder to attract potential customers, keep them there long enough to make a purchase, and encourage your existing customers to come back.

  • No matter what type of ecommerce company you have, a solid website is key. And since Magento is an open-source platform and content management system (CMS), your site can be built to meet the unique needs of your brand.
Why do big brands use Magento?
  • Lots of major brands use Magento development services, thanks to its impressive list of features and capabilities that cater to larger enterprises. Some of the most prominent companies include Ford, Jaguar, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, HP, Canon, Helly Hansen, Timberland, Sigma Beauty, Nine West, Bed Bath & Beyond, Oakley, Nespresso, Timex, and Le Creuset.

  • Big names from our portfolio include Ray-Ban and Toms, which called on Guidance to develop their sites on the Magento Enterprise platform. Guidance delivered an optimized Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 site for Anastasia Beverly Hills and Intex. We seamlessly moved Vince Camuto over to Magento Commerce 2 and created a Magento 2.3-powered ecommerce solution for Hearst. We also helped Kate Somerville upgrade its site to Magento Enterprise Edition with a highly customized Magento Admin home page.
Why is it important to work with Magento ecommerce web developers?

Working with a Magento-certified ecommerce agency like Guidance can help ensure your online store reaches its fullest potential. As a Magento partner, we know the ins and outs of the platform and can determine which features and strategies will create the ultimate customer experience, grow your brand, and increase online sales and revenue.

How does Magento's cost compare to other platforms?
  • The cost of Magento is higher than other ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. However, the platform is notably rich in features, and the price can end up paying for itself if you take advantage of its valuable capabilities.

  • You'll get the most out of the platform when you work with a Magento development agency like Guidance. We have the experience, insight, and tools needed to determine which features will benefit your brand the most and effectively implement them for long-term success.
How can a Magento development agency help your company?
  • A Magento development agency can help your commerce company thrive in the online space while stoking brand awareness and generating an optimized customer experience.
  • More specifically, the seasoned developers at Guidance can extract targeting data, build a site that meets your unique needs and speaks to your audience, retain and attract new customers, integrate your social networking sites with your product catalog, and set up automated personalized promotions.
What kind of support does Magento include?
  • Magento Order Management provides centralized customer service for all fulfillment centers and sales channels, offering real-time customer support for order processing, shipping methods, exchanges, and returns.

  • Other support features include SSL security assistance for front-end and back-end orders, support for special pricing, international support for multiple currencies and tax rates, support for native mobile applications, and support for a broad range of checkout capabilities.
What's involved in a Magento migration? Do we need to migrate to the latest version?
  • A Magento migration involves reviewing your current website's extensions, building and preparing your new online store, thoroughly testing your new site, and using the Magento Data Migration Tool to migrate your site. While these are the basic steps, the process is relatively complex. That's why we recommend working with a Magento website development company like Guidance on the transition.

  • You don't have to migrate to the latest version of the platform. However, a Magento migration is a great opportunity to assess your company's needs and consider upgrading to a more advanced program.
How can a Magento ecommerce agency help solve Magento issues?
  • If your business is already using the platform and running into any obstacles, a Magento agency such as Guidance can assess your site and create a plan to address these setbacks.

  • Additionally, if any Magento extension issues arise after we've built your ecommerce website, the Guidance team will be available to help solve them.
How do I find a reliable Magento developer?
  • We're glad you asked. If you're looking for a reliable Magento developer, you've come to the right place. As an experienced and widely recognized ecommerce agency with a Magento certification, Guidance is here to provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of your ecommerce business.

  • When you work with Guidance, you'll benefit from the crucial skill set of our website developers who've become Magento partners. If you want to take your online store to the next level, our trusted expertise and innovative approach can get you there.

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Guidance can help you increase conversions and revenue by ensuring your site is always performing at optimal speed with our Magento website development services. Whether you need someone to step in and rescue your current project or you are looking for a capable team to design and develop a secure, fast, and responsive ecommerce website, we have you covered.

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