Guidance Delivers 250% Increase in Revenue For Hoonigan


Hoonigan’s mission statement is to “just make cars fun”. A Hoonigan, as described by the company, is a enthusiastic person that participates in any type of unorthodox driving. They capture the passion of car enthusiasts all over the world. Their goal is to provide rich and compelling content and custom merchandise for their website. Hoonigan wanted much more from their existing site. It was not delivering the results they needed. Hoonigan came to Guidance with the goal of making their site more engaging in terms of UI/UX given the massive amount of content they produce daily. They felt this would help drive incremental sales and create a much more engaging customer experience on their site.


  • UI and UX
  • Visual Design Strategy
  • Creative Wireframes
  • Custom Modules
  • Implemented Full Circle ERP
  • Implemented PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay
  • Custom YouTube features
  • Custom built templates
  • Custom built “gift with purchase” promotion module


Hoonigan called on Guidance to deliver their digital commerce vision and bring it to life. Guidance UI/UX teams created a roadmap based on Hoonigan’s goals to engage their customers with their content and increase sales. Part of this roadmap was to build custom Shopify Plus templates including a homepage theme and various content pages. Guidance also implemented a CMS within Shopify Plus so that the Hoonigan team could focus on adding new content which could flow freely throughout the site with little or no manual work. Guidance was able to automate content updates for Hoonigan which was very important to them. Hoonigan is already experiencing rapid online revenue growth post launch. They are currently seeing a 205% increase in e-commerce revenue year over year.

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