Guidance Delivers Award-Winning Site for Emergency Link



The 24-hour emergency service provides the ability to share important information with law enforcement, medical staff, family and/or friends during a crisis. It required an easy-to-use and secure web site, as well as mobile apps for the most popular smartphones on the market.

As a new entity, business processes, branding, and positioning had yet to be developed.




Guidance consulted on business processes, designed the brand identity, and created user experience and visual design solutions that made the web sites and mobile apps intuitive and uncomplicated.

The web site was developed on the Drupal platform with extensive tailoring for the service's unique needs. Integrated mobile apps were custom developed for the iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms. To safeguard members’ personal information, the service uses many of the same protection and security measures used by major financial institutions.

Guidance integrated the web and mobile sites with Facebook and Twitter to encourage viral marketing. Amazon Cloud hosting was used to ensure 24/7 availability and seamless scalability.


  • Users are able to securely store personal information and important documents on the web site, and then manage them remotely via the mobile apps.
  • Information can be shared between members in real time; granular controls allow users to choose what to share and with whom.
  • Both the web site and mobile apps can quickly generate email reports to vital contacts such as law enforcement, medical staff, or family and friends.
  • The service is integrated with auxiliary support, such as a 24/7 emergency response center and ID card printers.

"…the website is clear and easy to use; The app is clear and easy to use...there are some upsides, big upsides…the web part, the app part…"

- Walt Mossberg, Personal Technology Reporter, The Wall
Street Journal