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Here’s a true confession from Guidance HQ: lately, our brains are in Brazil! 

Like so many sports fans, we’re obsessed with the World Cup. (Go Team USA!) Every lunch hour and spare minute are spent checking scores. From heart-pounding match-ups to intense social media coverage, the global excitement is contagious.

Watching the action inspired a recent water-cooler conversation about teamwork. On the field, players need to be focused, agile and 100% in sync. Here at Guidance, we apply that thinking to the way we work together and the way we work with our clients.

“Our approach is to understand a client's goals beyond technology,” explains CIO Jon Provisor. “A technology partner technically shouldn’t care about anything other than the bits and bytes that they’re coding, but we care about their whole business. Anyone can design a site, build a site, and maintain a site, though some do it better than others. What’s unique about Guidance, is that we’re also interested in creating a channel of growth and revenue for that company," he continued.

Achieving a deep understanding of another organization’s business objectives requires a close working relationship. Ideally, we want to get to the point where we can finish our client's sentences. Meeting regularly, collaborating on projects, sharing assets and training together helps us function as one outstanding team, just like the soccer players we admire.

We’re always looking for goal-oriented team members and compelling new projects. If you’re a potential client, contact us to set up a meeting and get a peek at our playbook. If you’d like to work for Guidance, take a look at our latest opportunities and get in the game! 

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