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When you roll out of bed in the morning the first place you probably visit isn’t the kitchen or the bathroom: it’s the Internet. Emails, news updates, and social media notifications are the main source of daily information for much of the modern world. But as we have seen in these last few years, the role of the Internet is under more scrutiny than ever before. 
Ongoing debates regarding net neutrality rules frame the way we think about free speech in the 21st century. Stories in the New York Times and other reputable outlets shed a light on the role social media played in shaping the results of the 2016 presidential election. The Internet is an undeniable powerful tool, yes, but this understates its influence: the Internet is society’s main source of information in 2017.
Guidance, and organizations like us, have sought to provide a roadmap to achieve success for businesses, creatives, and governments to harness this tool and make the most of its infinite possibilities. This is our job, to bear the burden of making the Internet a safe and functional place where ideas can be shared and businesses can grow without falling prey to misinformation, poor design choices, and less-than-optimal infrastructure.
Tech leaders are not only found in lofty positions – the decision makers of tomorrow are students like you, passionate about technology and eager to make your mark on the global stage. However, the boldness of your dreams is sometimes met with the steep cost of higher education. We know that earning your degree can entail significant financial struggle, so we’re doing our part to lighten the load for gifted thinkers in the field of information technology with our Tech Leaders Scholarship.
Your ideas may shape the role of technology in the present and in the future. We want to give students a boost in their education by providing a $1000 scholarship to applicants who impress us with their unique perspectives and ambitious goals. In a 500-word essay applicants should answer the question, “How do you see the role of the Internet and technology evolving over the next decade? Explain what that means for businesses today.” How long is a 500-word essay? Exactly as long as this article! So choose your words wisely. Rise to the challenge and give us a peek into the future with your essay contextualizing how technology and the Internet will grow and change in the next 10 years.
Applications for the Guidance Tech Leaders Scholarship are due on November 30th, so start drafting your 500-word essay right away. We will award the scholarship on January 15th. Click here to submit for the scholarship. Do you see the Internet as a saving intellectual force in the years to come? Or do you anticipate its role shifting as an influx of misinformation demands greater control? We want to hear from all high school seniors, undergraduates, and graduate students with a passion for information technology.  Certain conditions apply, see scholarship submission requirements here
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