Ecommerce Boasts Double Digit Growth in Q1 2016

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The U.S. Department of Commerce recently released U.S. retail eCommerce numbers for Q1 2016 and they are momentous.  

Online sales are continuing their strong CY2015 growth; in Q1 of this year, web sales grew 15.1% and accounted for 11.1% of retail sales!  (In 2015, consumers spent $341.73B online representing a 14.6% growth as compared to 2014.)

Shoppers who once crowded brick and mortar stores are now making purchases on phones, computers and tablets, siphoning sales from physical stores. And, retailers employing a "Mobile First" strategy will capture some of these sales.  

How can you execute on this strategy?  Last week, Brian Beck, Guidance SVP of eCommerce & Omni-channel Strategy, joined Rick Kenney, Demandware Head of Consumer Insights, at Fashion Digital LA, to deliver actionable insights to employ this strategy. 

If you'd like to review a more in-depth approach, contact us to become more mobile-conversion-friendly  and reap the rewards of consumers' spending growth via mobile.


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