Guidance Revolutionizes Arvato's Check-out Experience


The full-service e-commerce & retail logistics provider arvato, who has its’ own in-house Magento development team, wanted to create a standalone Magento check-out module that could be deployed without integrating the entire e-commerce platform.

As one of the leading European full-service e-commerce and retail logistics service provider; arvato SCM Solutions has worked in the Consumer Products segment with world renowned fashion, lifestyle, FMCG and beauty brands for over 15 years. arvato’s bespoke services span retail logistics as well as the complete e-commerce value chain: Implementation and operation of online-shops, digital imaging, online marketing, logistics and shipping including returns management, as well as financial services, customer service and e-commerce consulting. arvato is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA.


Based on reference projects demonstrating Guidance’s Magento expertise, arvato selected Guidance to develop the “check-out snippet”.

Guidance analyzed arvato’s bespoke Magento platform and delivered an API that is easy to deploy and seamlessly integrates into a website.

The self-contained solution supports simple/virtual/grouped and configurable products solution enables users to add check-out capabilities to PDPs such as:

  • Add To Cart
  • Price including discounted and strike-through prices
  • Product Availability

Guidance also developed the API to display a collapsed and expanded view of a cart.­

Lastly, the efficient and reusable solution:

  • does not impact site performance by keeping processing time to a minimum;
  • provides error reporting, and
  • supports latest Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers, on desktops, iPhones/iPads, and Galaxy Tabs/Androids.

“The “Checkout Snippets” module demonstrates Guidance’s extensive knowledge in building Magento based solutions which go well beyond standard webshops.

Those technical skills combined with an excellent and transparent project execution are a solid basis for future collaborations between them and arvato.”

- Jan Hildburg, Global Director of IT eCommerce, arvato
SCM Solutions