Thermon provides safe, reliable and innovative mission-critical industrial process heating solutions. Prior to working with Guidance, their website was on a home-grown platform with no CMS or commerce capabilities. Thermon realized the importance of having a platform that allowed for commerce and partnered with Guidance to design and build their Episerver website.





Episerver implementation
Site Map
“Request a Quote” User Journey
Visual Design
Responsive Design Strategy
Digital Style Tile
Image Asset Guideline Documentation
Motion Point Integration
Central repository for category and product data
Integrated with ERP
Episerver Solr Search with included Product and Content Search capabilities


The Guidance team engaged with Thermon for a full creative and strategy road map which included, competitive landscape analysis, Google Analytics review, defining business goals, key stakeholders interviews, customer/sales interviews, heat map tests and visual design discovery and research. This exercise helped the team prepare to migrate their home-grown site to Episerver which would ultimately enable Thermon to have full commerce capabilities.  This process also included taking the content from the old site, which was completely segregated from their catalog to a much more unified experience. Phase 2 of the Thermon project on Episerver will enable B2B ecommerce.