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Choosing Magento 2 means building a solid foundation from which to grow, scale and excel in years to come. The good news is that Guidance is a Magento 2.0 Trained Solution Partner and has already successfully upgraded merchants to this powerful next generation eCommerce platform.  We can help you with upgrading to Magento 2.0 and all of your commerce needs as well.

Features & Benefits

Magento 2 brings merchants a host of benefits, including best-in-class checkout, improved search results and a redesigned, touch-friendly admin experience. Retailers can reach customers across channels and around the world.

New features like staging, preview and more are coming in 2016. Merchants who adopt the platform early will be ahead of their competitors when it comes to maintaining their sites and launching high-quality content with less manpower.

UX Focus

Want to get to market fast? Magento 2 boosts productivity by putting business users first. The admin UI was carefully tested to provide a seamless, modern experience that makes website updates more efficient.

Want to learn more about Magento 2?

Guidance can help. We launched the first Magento 2 site in North America. We know the platform very well and have Magento 2 Trained Developers on staff who are experts with the code base. Contact Guidance for all your commerce needs.

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How does Magento 2 impact the bottom line?

Using Magento 2 is a cost-effective way to stay agile and meet your customers’ high expectations for commerce sites. Not only will your internal team function more productively, the streamlined checkout functionality can lift conversion rates just by making it easier and more convenient for shoppers to purchase the items in their carts.

I’m using an earlier version of Magento. Can I still upgrade to Magento 1.14?

Yes, you can still upgrade to 1.14 but we highly recommend that serious consideration be given to Magento 2 due to potential cost savings and efficiencies (upgrade once to Magento 2 as opposed to twice with 1.14 and Magento 2.0). In addition, Magento will be adding new feature sets and functionality with Magento 2 in 2016 that will not be made available on previous versions of Magento.

What do I need to know about maintenance and upgrades?

Magento will be releasing updates on a quarterly basis throughout 2016. Watch for new capabilities and supported technologies with each exciting new iteration.

The standalone installer allows you to use Magento without accidentally corrupting an instance of the database. This means you can grow with confidence, knowing that eCommerce functionality won’t be compromised when you choose to improve the site.

Merchants Choose Guidance

Guidance is an experienced solution partner that’s been in business since the early 1990s. We’re eCommerce veterans who specialize in complex integrations and impeccable code. With our expertise and Magento 2’s speed to market, the path to ROI is sure to be short and smooth.

Award-Winning Work

Guidance is rated #1 in quality for Magento implementations. That’s why we were one of the few elite partners chosen to beta-test Magento 2.

Learn more about what it means to be a trained Magento 2 Solution Partner here.

Visit our Magento partner page for more information on our history with the platform. You can also explore the Work section to see examples of outstanding Magento sites.

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