Guidance Delivers Digital Transformation for Worx


WORX is known primarily for its lawn and garden tools like trimmers, lawn mowers, and chainsaws. Although the brand is well recognizable in the industry, they wanted to revamp and grow their eCommerce presence. This required a new redesign and new custom integrations with Orderwave, a multiply setup, special shipping requirements and surcharges setup.


Guidance worked closely with the WORX digital commerce team to develop a new design which relied heavily on Magento’s flexibility, scalability and ease of use. The team also focused on the custom extensions that were needed to optimize the site’s performance and functionality.


  • Magento 1.14 implementation
  • Completely customized integration with Orderwave for payment processing, fulfillment, inventory management
  • Custom Shipping and Surcharges Setup
  • Custom shipping restrictions
  • Custom up-sell setup
  • Custom Multipayment setup using Orderwave as payment processing Akamai Geo Location setup