Guidance Builds Interactive Solution for Legal Supply


LegalSupply, an office supply eTailer, wanted to upgrade its website and provide a richer customer experience for its B2B and GSA buyers.


Guidance partnered with LegalSupply to update their branding and create a responsive B2B eCommerce site that optimized their customer experience for both B2B and GSA buyers. Our Creative Team rebranded the company from eLegalSupply to LegalSupply and refreshed their logo as Well.

After an extensive Information Architecture audit, our usability team focused the navigation and catalog structure to provide an efficient and user-friendly customer experience:

  • With “Rapid Reorder”, B2B and GSA buyers, can order products by SKU and quantity to quickly place an order.
  • Products are quickly located with:
    • the “We Have That!” filtered navigation; and,
    • the Celebros-enabled smart search. Integrating this extension provides users with a list of related popular products and top search queries.
  • Every time an item is purchased, it is automatically placed into a “Shopping list”. A buyer can review this list at any time and re-order from it. The items found here will always be listed.

Through “My Dashboard”, B2B/GSA buyers can review their shopping list/orders/returns/favorites, add “Favorites” and items from their “Shopping List” to cart for purchase, and, update billing and shipping addresses.

Focusing on their B2B and GSA buyer’s needs, our team designed the Magento Enterprise 1.14 site for business purchasing. Apruve, a B2B eCommerce payment solution, was seamlessly integrated, making it easy for buyers to secure order approval and/or payment quickly from their purchasing agent. The site was also displays contract pricing for buyers.