Building an e-commerce website that is lucratively successful is not always an easy feat, which is why many people turn to our e-commerce marketing company. At Guidance, we know there are many tips and tricks on e-commerce marketing strategies out there, but not all of them are truly the keys to lasting success. Of course, the main goal in creating a business is often to increase sales. So whether you run a small retail shop or are an employee for a large company, we can help get you where you want to go. 


Here at our e-commerce marketing company in Los Angeles, CA, we focus on helping business people get their ideas up and running while using influential marketing strategies: 


#1 Utilize Pop-Up Offers

If you want to improve your sales, don’t disregard how impactful a simple opt-in pop-up offer can be. Common pop-ups can be things like discount sales, encouraging visitors to sign up for the mailing list, or participating in your loyalty program. By using pop-up offers, it not only grows your number of contacts for email marketing, but it can boost sales too. The more visitors who enter their email-address, the more likely they are to make future purchases. You can easily add in a pop-up offers for visitors to see before they are about to exit the page. 


#2 Personalization 

A large percentage of consumers can get frustrated with websites where the content is irrelevant to what they are looking for. To win customers and enhance their shopping experience, our team at Guidance suggests tailoring your marketing towards their wants. The more offers you showcase to consumers that relate to their desires, the higher your chances are that they will purchase the product or service. Our e-commerce marketing company can show you ways to track shopper behaviors to better understand the needs of your consumer audience. 


#3 Mobile Friendly

In today’s society, our cell phones are attached to our hips more than ever before. So, the more mobile friendly your website is, the more time customers are likely to spend browsing. In fact, studies show that a mobile friendly website increases the probability that a consumer will purchase a product or service. Then on the flip side, if consumers don’t see what they are looking for immediately, they may quickly jump to another site instead. 


#4 Live Chat Capabilities

To maximize your potential profits, consider using live customer service chats, ensuring your site has a fast loading time, and simplifying the purchasing process. If you add live chat capabilities to your website, consumers can get their questions answered right away without having to spend extra time or energy contacting you. At our e-commerce marketing company, we can give you further information about how to make adjustments to your website, so your consumers are more likely to buy!


No matter what size business you are working with, increasing online sales are a crucial component of any successful operation. At Guidance, we can give you marketing insight for how to attract customers and raise your sales numbers. Please contact us for a free consultation, so we can find out more about what you are seeking to achieve. The team at our e-commerce marketing company hopes to hear about your growing business today!