Executing on your e-commerce strategy may require support from an e-commerce marketing agency. No matter where you begin, every owner reaches the point where marketing becomes a major factor in their success. E-commerce marketing can be tricky, but there are strategies to help you continue pursuing your business dreams with help from our team at Guidance. 


Brainstorm a Marketing Strategy First

Regardless of what type of business you want to build, it is imperative that you architect a plan. Every business needs a marketing strategy. First, make a list of the ways you plan on reaching out to consumers, whether it be through blogs, videos, magazines, newsletters, flyers, emails, etc. Next, run analytics on a regular basis (once a week or month) to see what strategies are working well. Our e-commerce marketing agency can show you how to run these analytics. 


Establish an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a huge component of any business. Most consumers use emails throughout the day and have access to their inbox via a cellular device. Emails can be a rapid way to reach your audience. There are website platforms available to help you create and send emails on a scheduled basis. An email marketing campaign can help you remain in contact with customers, in addition to sending them updated information about your products or services. 


Try Various Forms of Social Media

To figure out what social media platforms draw in the most customers, create one of each and delete those that aren’t working so well. Diversifying your social media accounts is like investing in stocks. If you spread out your investments, there is often less risk. And you can identify those that offer the most profit potential. 


At Guidance, our e-commerce marketing agency in LA may recommend establishing a Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest strategy for your business. Post your business content on these pages and use analytics to identify which are promoting your products or services most effectively. You may want to keep your top three social media platforms, instead just one. In this way, you are providing various ways for customers to connect with you. 


Add a Touch of Personalization

Personalization is a great way to get customers to trust your business more. When writing emails, address people using their names, and post pictures or videos related to your services or products. Customers are more likely to feel special and delve deeper into your business if you add a personal touch to your marketing and interactions. At Guidance, we can give you more tips on how to build a positive relationship with customers. 


Create Your Own Content

It can help build a strong connection with your customers if you create your own content for marketing. Some business owners may pull content from across the web and incorporate these into their strategies to free up time for other tasks. However, do not underestimate the impact developing content yourself can make on customers and the general public. Our e-commerce marketing agency team may suggest setting aside time to create original content like blogs, audio recordings and videos.


If you are a business owner and seek to build a thriving e-commerce business, reach out to our team at Guidance. Our e-commerce marketing agency specialists can help you identify and reach your business goals!