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Guidance replatformed from M1 to M2 in under two months with zero downtime.

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Increase in AOV


Increase in Conversion Rate


Greenworks’ Magento 1 platform solution was reaching end of life and they were challenged with migrating to Magento 2 within a very tight timeline. Guidance replatformed their existing platform in under two months and migrated all customer data with zero downtime. During the migration process, Guidance readied the platform for expansion into international markets and commercial sales online.


Gas powered lawn and gardening outdoor tools are associated with noxious fumes, noise pollution, increased maintenance and stamina-reducing vibration. Greenworks Tools was founded in 2007 to serve the needs of the garden and home DIY industry with high-performance indoor and outdoor equipment all powered by battery. Their products are made with the leading lithium-ion battery technology and they are designed for the robust needs of residential customers who want powerful home and lawn tools without noise, fumes or maintenance.

Quick GTM for Fast ROI

As their Magento 1 instance was reaching end of life, Greenworks reached out to Guidance for a migration to Magento 2. They were searching for a solution that would scale with their growing B2C ecommerce business in the US and one which would allow expansion into the Canadian and international markets in the future. As their business also sells garden and landscaping tools to other businesses, Greenworks was also looking for a platform that could easily become a hybrid B2C and B2B solution.

Greenworks' newly replatformed ecommerce website is a robust and quick go to market solution that will expand into multiple markets. The SKUlicious theme, based on Magento’s Pearl theme, was chosen for its rich feature base and sleek layout. By working with the theme, Guidance provided Greenworks with the tools for future growth into international markets and B2B expansion.

Guidance’s solution is offered with a modular Pearl theme that is optimized for speed and fully compatible with varnish cache. The SKU-licious theme is, as the name implies, specifically designed for web stores with high SKU counts. Customers can easily and quickly find relevant products for optimal conversion. The SKUlicious theme allows its users to benefit from enhanced search functionality through auto-suggestive search and with thumbnail images on the dropdown menu. The user-friendly site search streamlines access to product detail pages to increase customer loyalty and return purchases.

With Advanced Magento Commerce SEO settings and a dynamically generated XML sitemap the website will be easily crawled and indexed by search engines resulting in more organic customer traffic. The solution is packaged with a sticky navigation header with evergreen cart access. This gives customers the ability to browse the site while also providing easy accessibility to the main catalog categories and easy “view cart” or “checkout” options.

homepage layouts for desktop and mobile

Guidance provided Greenworks with a platform that would help the company with a robust and quick go to market solution that could expand into multiple markets.

For businesses looking for a quick go-to-market solution, Guidance offers an effective way to launch and expand in an efficient packaged solution. Products are easy to find and easy to purchase with zero friction in the path to conversion. The intuitive and clean design allows customers to easily find content and information. For Greenworks, this has meant a site launch in under 2 months with zero downtime and immediate results in conversion rates and average order value (AOV). The company has seen an increase in average order value of over 15% and a conversion rate increase of almost 30% since site launch.




In under 3 months, Guidance helped Greenworks transition from their existing website to their new solution.

Marketplace Expansion with M2E Pro

Greenworks sells its home and garden products through its .com and has expanded to marketplaces for additional visibility and a broadened customer reach. Guidance helped Greenworks integrate M2E Pro for Magento which is a unique solution to help them grow into new marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Wal-Mart and many others. By using the Magento platform as their single source of truth, Greenworks is able to effectively manage their inventory, pricing and catalog rules across all marketplaces.

The M2E Pro solution allows Greenworks to support multiple seller accounts and storefronts within each marketplace and it gives them complete visibility into multi-channel sales and real-time inventory management. The inventory management system is a fully automated rules-based solution that automatically syncs all product related data changes and updates stock levels, pricing and inventory. It extends your .com to a much larger audience, provides visibility across some of the largest marketplaces online today and even allows expansion into global markets.

integration with marketplaces

Guidance helped Greenworks integrate M2E Pro for Magento which is a unique solution to help them grow into new marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Wal-Mart and many others.

Bazaarvoice for Product Reviews and UGC

As more customers turn to online purchasing where the product “touch and feel” isn’t available, customer reviews and user generated content (UGC) becomes ever more valuable during the purchase cycle. Greenworks’ lawn and garden tools need to be held and used to achieve the full impact of their reduced noise, smell and vibration. Since this isn’t available during online purchase, customers rely heavily on other customers’ reviews and feedback. Guidance helped Greenworks integrate Bazaarvoice to drive increased consideration, awareness and conversion among shoppers in the digital aisles.

Reviews have a strong influence on consumers during their buying journey. Bazaarvoice empowers shoppers to buy confidently by collecting authentic, “voice of the customer” content and displaying it during the customer buying journey. Bazaarvoice gives customers the ability to generate their own reviews and upload up to 6 images or videos of the product. Customers feel confident in reading the reviews as authentic reviews are given a “Verified Reviewer” badge and customers can easily find reviews through advanced sorting and filtering options.

bazaarvoice ratings and reviews for products and ugc

Guidance helped Greenworks integrate Bazaarvoice to drive increased consideration, awareness and conversion among shoppers in the digital aisles.

New Customer Insights with Zendesk CRM

Originally known for its customer support solution, Zendesk has expanded into a robust and customizable CRM software for mid to enterprise level businesses. Guidance helped Greenworks integrate their Zendesk customer support and CRM solution into their new Magento platform. As Greenworks has expanded, Zendesk’s CRM and Customer Support in one solution has helped them handle all aspects of customer relationships from first contact to ongoing inquiries, lead nurturing, upsell opportunities and multi-channel interactions. The ability to manage their customer service and sales and marketing tools has given them insight into their customers they did not have before the Zendesk integration.

In the past, customer support and customer relationship management was handled on different systems. By unifying the two systems into one solution, Greenworks now has comprehensive tracking on processes, procedures and workflows. The CRM solution integrates with multiple communication channels allowing users to access data from their company’s marketing collateral, pricing, website, chat history, phone records, email and social media. It has given Greenworks insight into how to improve customer communication and conversion which has ultimately led to customer retention and loyalty. for Reliable Payment Processing

Guidance helped Greenworks implement as their online payment solution provider. It provides secure and reliable payment gateways that enable Greenworks to authorize and manage electronic transactions from their customers. was selected for its native integration with Magento and as a Visa company, it’s a trusted partner in helping Greenworks focus on growing the business instead of managing payment issues. In the simple two-step checkout process, having the trustworthy badges of well-known credit card companies has helped boost customer confidence in ordering.


Guidance replatformed Greenworks’ website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 in under two months and with zero downtime.


Since the replatform, Greenworks has seen an increase of 15% in Average Order Value and an almost 30% increase in Conversion Rate since launch.

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As their Magento 1 solution was reaching end of life, Greenworks required a migration to Magento 2. Guidance launched their new Magento 2 website in under two months with full customer data migration and readied the platform for expansion into international markets and commercial sales online. Along with the platform migration, Guidance integrated Greenworks’ ERP, CRM and third party marketplace solutions.


  • Magento Replatform
  • Commerce Strategy
  • CRM Integration
  • Data Migration
  • ERP Integration
  • Marketplace Expansion
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance


  • Adobe Commerce (Magento)
  • Authorize.Net Payments
  • Bazaarvoice Reviews
  • M2ePro (eBay Marketplace)
  • SAP Business One ERP
  • Zendesk CRM & Live Chat
  • SendGrid Email
  • Paypal Payments