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Remember the days when writing assignments actually involved handwriting? Moreover, when teachers had to manually score them? Those days are long gone. Technology has made things easier for both sides of the educational spectrum and I'm proud that my company is being part of the process.

Valley Academies Foundation (VAF), a California Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to increasing the quality of education provided by school districts – and one of my clients since 2005 – has been a pioneer in providing innovative solutions for writing analysis and scoring tools to teachers and students across Southern California.

Recently, VAF enlisted Guidance to develop the CT eWriter -- a Web solution that will allow teachers to create writing assignments for students to complete through the system, which can be graded automatically by presetting a formula or manually by allowing the teacher to override the score generated by the system. This custom .NET application will be built on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008, using Wintertree and NetSpell software to analyze grammar and spelling errors. Further system customization will be provided to score students’ works and deliver a reporting module measuring student performance. All Web pages will be under session security.



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