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By now you’ve probably heard that Magento released a new version of their powerful eCommerce software. Today’s post is focused on savvy technological enhancements that improve the overall performance. It’s the second in our in-depth series exploring Magento 2 and its features. 

Let’s start with some compelling statistics. Magento estimates that homepages on the new platform will load 53% faster, while category views will load 51% faster. Shoppers might also notice improved speed when they view products and add items to their shopping carts as well.

In short, Magento 2 is specifically engineered to deliver a better shopping experience through a variety of back-end innovations. Here’s a closer look at how they achieved these results:

Client Side Improvements

  • Overall JavaScript optimization, including minimizing and bundling
  • Using Etags to control browser caching
  • Better browser caching for CSS, JavaScript and static images

Server Side Improvements

  • Integrating Apache Varnish 4
  • Support for MySQL clusters
  • Standalone databases for subsystems like catalog, checkout and order management

If this all sounds bewilderingly technical, don’t worry. The key takeaway is that merchants can expect faster performance with minimal adjustments right out of the box. Better still, retailers don’t have to navigate these technical elements on their own. Guidance is staffed by veteran Magento experts with a deep understanding of the code base. Get in touch to learn how we can put Magento 2 to work for you! 

If you’re enjoying this series, be sure to check back next week, when we’ll cover what our development team learned by beta-testing Magento 2.  

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