BigCommerce Solution Integration


Are you currently looking for a shopping cart software for your companies' website, but are unsure about where to start? You might have done some of your own research and came across various options. Perhaps you are even overwhelmed about the options you have. This is your business which means you may be tasked with a difficult decision. When it comes to a solution for your integration, BigCommerce may be something we would recommend for you. 


BigCommerce Solution Integration May Be Right For You


Shopping online is something most people love and do throughout the month (or week)! Thanks to advancements in technology, online shopping has made it possible for people to purchase items and services at any time, and regardless of where they are. In a sense, eCommerce has changed the conventional business model. For business owners, a website with a shopping cart has become integral to their operations. If you are considering taking your business to the next level, BigCommerce solution integration may be just the thing you need. 


As the volume of your online sales increases, it becomes important to be able to manage your online store with ease. Creating an online store is not difficult; however, keeping up with the competition and making profit is. This is where it can be beneficial to have shopping automation integrated into your website. 


There are many different platforms for eCommerce software. BigCommerce is one of them. If you are looking to understand BigCommerce solution integration, or would like to know more about it's benefits, consider the following:


BigCommerce Next (BCN)


BigCommerce Next is an upgraded platform to the original one. This sets BigCommerce apart from the other competition such as Shopify. BigCommerce Next can integrate with Google stores, responsive themes, applications, blog frameworks, and more. 


Easy to Use


BigCommerce and BigCommerce Next is a platform that is very easy to use. The interface is straightforward, practical, and clear. It boasts an intuitive UI that makes the setup process simple. Some features include the ability to view store statistics, review bestsellers, view the current inventory, manage returns, integrate payment gateways, and more. 


Quick and Secure Transactions


BigCommerce is a hosted shopping cart. This means that hosting is part of the plan and you will not need to purchase additional hosting. Your BigCommerce website development package offers a number of different benefits including increased sales, improved search engine ranking, and the ability to gain repeat customers. 


BigCommerce University (BCU)


Should you wish to update your BigCommerce website on your own and without a BigCommerce solution integration company, you'll be happy to know there are many resources available at BigCommerce's University. This is free for anyone who uses BigCommerce. 


This is a great resource for amateur players in the e-Commerce market. BCU is very useful for those developing an online store for the first time. There are a number of resources available within BCU that are free for all and are included in all plans. Store-owners can view short videos on creating an e-Commerce store, attracting buyers and building customer loyalty.


In short, BigCommerce is a winner for the eCommerce shopping cart platform market. It is simple to use, scalable, flexible, and provides many benefits that make it a leading choice for companies and retailers who are seeking to start up an online store. If you would like to know more about BigCommerce solution integration, please call Guidance.