Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

When it comes to having an online presence as a company, there is nothing more important than an easy-to-use and professional website, which is why at Guidance we may recommend that clients use Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). A company website showcases the heart of the organization, along with available services. Using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) can help companies generate revenue by attracting new clients to their business, along with keeping existing customers. A website can also be a useful tool for hiring new employees, getting information out to investors, and communicating with partners.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the leading website platform that is used by a variety of large and successful companies. Regardless of the size of your organization, chances are AEM can benefit you. At Guidance, we are happy to tell you why! 


Why Companies Prefer Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Many companies appeal to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) because it offers a simple way to manage website content, while streamlining the online purchasing and delivery experience for customers. AEM is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, which can be integrated with Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Advertising, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, Marketo Engage, and Adobe Commerce Cloud. AEM is also comprised of a few modules: Communities, Forms, Sites, Mobile, and Assets.

Based on your needs, your company may only need Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solely, or it can be used in combination with other components. Those who are looking for a complete solution for digital marketing, must look no further. With the above tools and support from us at Guidance, companies can build and maintain a website, while managing their content with more ease. 


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Capabilities

AEM is a system for managing content which offers a platform for creating and delivering digital information to clients. This platform gives an organization the functionality and personalization to create an experience that makes them attractive and engaging to viewers. With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), you can: 


  • Manage and build sites from one platform
  • Use tools to sync service or product information, advance shopping carts and purchasing, and create pages based on catalog data
  • Manage sites of various languages and regions, while being controlled from one location
  • Launch campaigns for marketing from one location
  • Establish a digital experience that is the same across various devices, such as a smartphone, laptop, or other screens
  • Organize your assets so it can be quickly accessed and utilized for campaigns


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Mobile

The mobile development app and platform of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) enables companies to create and showcase apps for every device. Mobile applications can be built and delivered to multiple platforms. Any apps that are “unpublished” can be reviewed in real-time, and content can be updated using one central dashboard. Additionally, once your apps are created, you can use the Adobe Mobile App Analytics tools to evaluate performance. With an interface that allows you to drag, drop, and edit easily, you can update apps as needed within moments. You can also draw users to the app by making push notifications and sending them out as appropriate. 


If you work for an organization or company that is in need of refining your website development, consider contacting Guidance about Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)!