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When so many of our Cultcha Club events center around congregating and sharing food and drinks and laughter, how do we keep those fun activities going during quarantine in the age of COVID?  Enter “Slacker Tuesdays”!  In mid March we shut down our office and transitioned to working remotely, where we relied heavily on digital collaboration tools like Zoom and Slack.  We created Slacker Tuesday to reserve a lunchtime once a week to check in, catch up, and play a game or two together over screen share. 

In the beginning our get-togethers were largely about how we were handling the upheaval and stress of the new Stay At Home orders. We shared our tips and tricks for staying sane and adapting to our new WFH lives:


We tested our trivia knowledge by playing a game of virtual Jeopardy:


We dreamed of times past, when travel and vacation trips were a thing! We shared photos from our favorite getaways and the places we want to go when this is all over:


For Halloween, we took turns spooking one another with clips from the scary movies that terrified us as kids (or adults!):


We competed to see who could name the person behind the most famous historical quotes:


We shared our favorite throwback TV show theme songs:


Obviously we threw a Zoom Oktoberfest party to enjoy our favorite German beers, brats, and pretzels together:


We played the most adorable game of Guess Who by sending in all our baby pictures:


Our Slacker Tuesdays have been a great way for us to stay in touch and fit some play into our days, and we all look forward to our next fun activity!

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