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Cart abandonment has plagued the eCommerce space since its inception. But with the advent of better client-side technologies and new approaches to user interface design, e-merchants have an unprecedented opportunity to retain customers throughout the entire purchase funnel.

A key technology-design combo that, IMO, has revolutionized the way customers check out is Single Page Checkout, or “SPCO”. If you don’t know about it, and/or you’re not doing it, read on…

Several independent studies have identified a lengthy checkout process to be the number one reason for abandoned purchases. Anywhere from 40% - 60% of online shoppers abandon their purchase between pages two through four of the “standard” (i.e. multi-page) checkout process. Shoppers leave sites sometime after clicking “Proceed to Checkout” but before “Submit Order”.

Think of it in the physical space…when you go to the supermarket do you look for the longest line to stand in? Do you want more barriers between and your successful checkout? Probably not, and neither does your online customer. So, ask yourself whether or not your checkout process is arduous. Does it take several pages to complete?

Eliminating multiple steps and page transitions can dramatically increase cart conversions.

Many companies, including Guidance, have taken notice and are looking for resolutions. Through the use of AJAX technology, we are able to condense entire checkout process, including all validation, to one simple page. Customers enter all information (billing, shipping, payment), choose a shipping method, and click “Submit” without waiting for one single page load!

SPCO is easy to use, offers higher sales conversion rates, and generates customer satisfaction. Several retailers have already seen the benefits of increased conversion changing to SPCO. After updating their typical HTML version to SPCO, increased conversions by 24 percent. But not only did their conversion percentage increase, so did the level of customer satisfaction. They have reported 75% of the customers polled agree that the new checkout is faster, easier and more satisfying compared to other sites. (Source – User Interface Resource Center)

SPCO is the simplest way for an online business to increase sales without increasing their online marketing campaign. Guidance has already helped several of our clients reap the benefits of SPCO, all of which can be seen in live examples: A.C. Moore, Drum Channel, as well as others.

Kevin G.

Written by Guidance
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