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Holidays 2013 were a very special time of the year for all of us...but most especially for our clients ONEHOPE Wine and a multichannel skincare retailer sold in 41 different countries.

ONEHOPE Wine is the award-winning portfolio that makes an impact with every bottle sold.  This eTailer donates half of its profits to partner causes such as Cure Alzheimer's Disease, Support Our Veterans, Save Our Planet, and more.  

The skincare brand synonymous with high-performance, science-based skincare products.

Both Guidance clients had a very robust holiday season.  "How strong", you ask? Both exceeded the holiday conversion rate average of 2.5%, as reported by Custora, the predictive analytics platform for eCommerce marketing teams.  

During the holiday shopping season (Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2013), ONEHOPE Wine outperformed the 2013 holiday conversion rate average by 104% and the skincare retailer, by 21%! 

That's quite a feat and we're happy to have helped them do it.  Congrats to both and we look forward to another successful year!


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