Is Magento Commerce 2.3 the Next Evolution in ECommerce?

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Magento Commerce recently announced a major upgrade to its digital platform. The new Version 2.3 is being touted as a significant advance for online merchants. 
Optimized for mobile and featuring potentially game-changing technology (particularly Progressive Web Apps or PWA), the new release promises to help retailers deliver a faster and more seamless customer experience. But developers and administrators can expect to benefit as well, since the Magento website development upgrade simplifies and streamlines their jobs. Here’s a look at some of the new innovative features digital sellers can expect to harness to their advantage.

Features Today’s Ecommerce Players Need

  1. Multi-Source-Inventory (MSI). Rapid growth and the fast-changing ecommerce landscape means that merchants need tools that can evolve with them. MSI allows retailers to improve operational efficiency by managing inventory across multiple physical locations within the Magento admin panel. 

    These tools allow companies to integrate with third-party inventory systems, track order fulfillment in real-time, and even see when customers add items to their checkout cart. By the way, by improving the checkout process, you’ll boost your conversion rates. 

  2. PWA Studio. Progressive Web Apps are a game-changing solution that bridges the gap between browser-experience and the app-experience. This technology helps merchants deliver superior mobile experiences that boost conversion rates and increase engagement. It also lowers developer and operating costs.  Another key insight is that PWA is open source and independent of any ongoing Magento Commerce releases.     
  3. Page Builder introduces drop-and-drag and intuitive interfaces, which allow non-technical users to create stunning web pages. By streamlining the process and making edits and updates easy, Page Builder makes the days of creating pages and managing site content using CSS and HTML a thing of the past.  Customers can now update content and create new pages up to 10x faster.  Marketing and merchandising people can save time and quickly create richer, compelling shopping experiences without the need of any IT support. 
  4. Mobile is a prime driver of digital commerce and it is critical for brands, merchants, manufacturers, and distributors to focus their efforts at optimizing the mobile shopping experience. 

    For example, according to Adobe, on Black Friday, 2018, more than 33% of online retail sales were made on a smartphone. That’s an increase of 29% YOY which equates to $2 billion in sales. Magento Commerce 2.3 provides a host of new indexing, security, data transfer, checkout, and graphics features that optimize the experience for mobile users. With smartphone penetration (as a share of mobile users) expected to exceed 90% in 2019, your company cannot afford to deliver anything less than a first-rate mobile experience.


Magento Commerce continues to innovate with its feature-rich platform, which provides a superior digital shopping experience for customers.  Magento Commerce 2.3 will provide brands, manufacturers, retailers and distributors with the right tools to accelerate growth in very competitive markets.  
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