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As an ecommerce website agency can explain, your website’s homepage is critical in attracting and keeping customers to your site. An ecommerce homepage must meet an array of tasks – assisting customers in finding products, contacting customer service, and other important functions. What can be challenging in designing the site is ensuring that the customer can easily access the information they are looking for, but without making the site difficult to navigate.

When our ecommerce website agency sits with a customer, we go over each one of these tasks in great detail. The following is a brief overview. For more detailed information on what our agency can do with your ecommerce site, contact our office today.  

  •       Top Navigation Bar: With the navigation bar on the top, customers can easily find links to different product categories or departments, as well as a search option. They can also easily find where they can log in and readily gain access to their shopping cart.
  •       Visible Search Icon: Having to search for the search icon can be frustrating for a customer and could result in them leaving your site. Our ecommerce website agency knows that shoppers want to be able to not only search directly for products, but this option also increases the odds that they will purchase. Studies have shown that when a consumer has a specific item in mind, their commitment to purchase is usually greater than if they are just perusing the site.
  •       Shopping Cart Link: This link should not only be plainly visible on the homepage; it should also indicate how many items the customer has in their cart. If your site offers a wish list category for your customers, our ecommerce website agency recommends that link also be added to the homepage, close to the shopping cart link.
  •       Offer Bar: Whatever current promotions your company is offering should be displayed in the offer bar on the homepage. Many times, a customer who was not as committed to buying a product when they land on your site could quickly change their mind if they see on the homepage that you are offering 20 percent off all orders or limited-time free delivery.
  •       Unique Selling Point (USP) Bar: The USP bar is your company’s way of quickly selling a visitor to your website on your company’s distinct appeal and what makes it unique from other companies. The USP bar is a great way to spotlight your company’s values.
  •       Main Category Entries: Our ecommerce website agency knows that when a customer has the ability to quickly click on the link of the category they are looking for, they are more prone to purchase. If a customer is forced to search around to find the category they are looking for, they are more likely to leave your site and go shopping elsewhere. In addition to the main categories, if your company offers seasonal categories, these too should be accessible from the homepage.

To learn more, contact Guidance and discover what type of website our ecommerce agency can build for you.